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Ups & Downs of Year 2009

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

I reckon this will be my final post for the year 2009. This year has surely been a blast! I'm thankful to God on how the year has been & I am looking forward to a new year of hope & joy.

As I browse back on the food I've eaten, placed I've traveled, & the people who made this year an awesome one, all I can do is to just smile & thank God for all the blessings. Food, adventure, friendship - makes life so much more worth living!

"Good food eaten alone doesn't taste as good when we're with good friends, don't you agree?"

I had 117 blog posts for the year 2009 - PerutBesi Ruth sees it as an achievement despite her busy schedule :) For the year 2010, I plan to give the blog a slight uplift. It may not be the best in design, but I just wanna keep it simple, clean, & easy to read...await for that....hopefully I can get it out by the end of January 2010 cos I'll be working on a different shift for a period of time in January! *gah*

Some of the many lovely memories of 2009:

Langkawi trip with church friends, Meet up with close friends Fern & Mabes in JB, CNY with Aaron, Ling, & Theng at Italinnies & Dim Sum in DJ

Bloggers' gathering at Carlsberg, Trip to Ipoh with TRAC MYF, Jeff's farewell, Valentine's Day home-cooked dinner in Kuantan

BOYW Retreat at PD, Dad's birthday, Grandaunt's birthday, & Lunch with church friends at Wendy's

Korean lunch at Nak Won with Anne & her colleagues, Dinner with Aaron & my Kuantan family, Tong's farewell, & Home-cooked lunch at EB's

PJ Trinity's church camp at Fraser's Hill, Ondre-Ondru program, Birthday lunch with Aaron, EB, & Junie, & BBQ with colleagues at Kryslynn's

Dinner at Kuantan's Sendo No Ya, Food tasting at PJ Hilton's Genji, Dinner with high school friends at My Elephant in PJ, & Lunch at Delicious, Bangsar with Jacjac, Junie, & EB

Zen Star Chef Search, Haagan Dazs' new ice cream flavor launch, Lunch & casual interview with Kuantan's Hai Peng kopitiam's owner, & Dinner with uni friends at Do Rae Korean restaurant in Puchong

Floria Putrajaya '09, Trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Company dinner, & Colleague's birthday celebration

Dinner at Alexis before Jacjac left for UK, Trip to Singapore with mum, Dinner at Chilli's with Aaron & Aunty SC, & Bloggers' gathering for theQguides.com's launch

Special dinner with Aaron at Leornado's, Food tasting at Dubrovnik with bloggers, Home-cooked dinner at Jody's, & TRAC MYF's visitation to Penang Wesley & Penang Trinity

TRAC MYF's Visitation to JB Wesley, Lunch at 1Malaysia in Kuantan, Wedding dinner at The Westin, Trip to Kuching with Ling & Theng

Uni friend's wedding in Kuantan, YLDP 2009!, Lunch for 2 at Sherwood in Kuantan, & Aaron's cousin's wedding dinner in Kuantan

The year 2009 just ended so fast. There was much work done, a great collection of food tasting events & bloggers' gathering, trips to different states in Malaysia with TRAC MYF, family, & friends, & no doubt, quite a bit of weight gained as well!! *lol*

Of course there were some bad times throughout the year, but the many joyous occasions & events made the year a great one on the overall :) Truly all praise be to God for His blessings! I'm really thankful for the people whom I've met & whom I got to spend time with throughout the year 2009.

PerutBesi looks forward to a new year specially dedicated to her family & friends!

Happy New Year to all PerutBesi readers!!

- Ruth


Sin Tai Lim December 31, 2009 at 9:38 PM  

Happy New Year and may 2010 be a great year for you.

FOODnTRAVELla January 2, 2010 at 1:16 PM  

Hapi Niu Year! When is your wedding bell?

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