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N.E.S.W. - East (Kuching, Day 3)

>> Friday, November 27, 2009

Date: 30 October - 1 November 2009, Friday - Sunday
Venue: Kuching, Sarawak
Occasion: Weekend get-away with 2 high school friends

This is the final post for my Kuching trip. Much delayed 'til the memories are slowly fading away *sigh* I haven't had enough time to "kau tim" this blog alone. Work eats up more than 8 hours of the day & with the YLDP2009 camp coming up in 2 weeks, there's just so much to be done! Sometimes I wish that I have all the time in the world to blog, take photos, travel, & still get paid...*dreams*

Kuching Day 3
Day 3 was our final day in Kuching. We checked out of the hotel early in the morning & started our ambitious walkaton to the Jalan Satok's morning market. The only reason for going all the way there (it was more than half an hour of walking) was just to get a glimpse of the local's life in Kuching & to find out on the unusual/unique food items that can't be seen in the Peninsular.

On the way to Satok, we made an attempt to hunt for the 'much shouted' "siu mai", at the open market opposite the Electra House. Seriously, we had no idea how the stall/shop looks like & where it actually is situated. Thanks to forums where people just comment, here we were! I sure hope this was the correct stall...hahaha...

"Siu Mai" a.k.a. "Sio Bee" as it's known in Kuching (RM0.50/piece)
I thought it was quite expensive, but after thinking back on the price we usually pay for a plate of "siu mai" in PJ/KL, hmm...the price is ok la :P

Open Market "Siu Mai"
Tastes alright. It wasn't "WAH, I MUST have more of it!!". Each of us had 2 pieces just to try out what's so great about the "siu mai" here. It's a 'lil too sweet for our liking (we noticed that food here is sweeter than what we have back in PJ!)

Contact number for the "siu mai" stall...

Map to the Open Air Market opposite Electra House, Kuching

View PerutBesi in a larger map

After the "siu mai" tasting near Electra House, we continued our walkathon to the Satok morning market. All we had was a map of Kuching & we also had the printed version of Google maps to guide us. From time to time, we'll stop by to ask for directions, but people kept telling us to take the public transport instead of walking all the way there...hahaha...

Frankly speaking, it was actually quite far to walk. Took us probably 45minutes - 1hour just to get there by foot (with stops in between & we were walking at a comfortable pace...no rush)!

Petrol station - can't be seen in the Peninsular
I've never seen this brand of petrol station before :P

The Satok morning market is well-known for its variety of goods. You'll be able to find your fresh vegetables, fish, meat, fruits & even your dried goods as well. There are numerous stalls selling food as well as household items. The best part about this market is that it's VERY LARGE....we kinda got lost after a while cos almost all the stalls looked the same! *lol*

Fish stall

Local fruits stall
I've no idea what are those orangy-yellow fruits called :P It resembles the persimmons, but I doubt they're persimmons.

This is actually a local fruit, only found in East Malaysia. Even if it's found in the Peninsular, I doubt many will know how to make use of this! I've no idea how it tastes like as I didn't buy any to try, but I may try it out the next time I go to East Malaysia again :)

Vegetable stall
There were many stalls selling chili at the Satok morning market.

Barbecued Fish
It was interesting. One of the many stalls at the market sells babecued whole fish on a bamboo stick!

I was just fascinated at the way they lay out their load of melons...hahaha...

Nicely arranged...

Map to Satok Morning Market

View PerutBesi in a larger map

After walking around utterly too much, we were really hungry & decided to do some food-hunting. We've no idea what's good around this area, so we just asked the egg seller uncle :P He couldn't really tell us anything cos to him, everything around the area tastes good =.="

We ended up at a coffeeshop at the other end of the Singapore Chicken Rice shop (on the same row). I forgot to take a snapshot of the coffeeshop as I was just too hungry & distracted by the variety of food & the crowd at the stuffy coffeeshop.

We tried the "kueh chap" & chicken rice (from 2 different stalls) as we were a 'lil bored with Sarawak laksa & Kolo mee.

"Kueh Chap" (around RM4.50/bowl)
Similar to the "bah kut teh", the "kueh chap" soup is also a herbal soup. You'll come across an assortment of pork & its intestines, as well as hard boiled egg & beancurd/taufu alongside the flat sheets of "kuey teow". This one was not too bad in taste.

Steamed Chicken Rice (around RM4.00/plate)
Nothing beats Ipoh chicken rice la...

Roast pork & Roasted Honey Chicken (around RM5.00/plate)
Looks really appetizing & appealing, but when we bit into the pork, neh, "tak pass" (doesn't pass). There's no "umph" in the pork :(

Breakfast was filling, but not exactly satisfying (to great disappointment). Thus, we walked into the market again & stumbled upon the fragrance of keropok lekor. A must try!

Keropok Lekor Sarawak (RM1.00/7 pieces)

The keropok lekor (soft fish crackers) were freshly fried, so it tasted delicious :)

Different from Peninsular's
Somehow, the texture & taste is different from the keropok lekor in the East Coast states i.e. Pahang, Terengganu, & Kelantan. Nevertheless, the "crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, & warm on the whole" made this keropok lekor worth munching on :)

Sarawak Layer Cakes
I can't bring myself to purchase cakes that are overly colourful. I can't understand how people can buy boxes of layer cakes when there's so much colouring on the cake :S Is it really THAT good?

The next thing to do was to walk back to the Kuching city centre. No, we didn't do that...hahaha...we were way too tired walking around for more than 3 hours. The only time we actually sat down to rest our poor feet was when we had breakfast. We decided to take a taxi back to Jalan Bazaar & walk to the hotel instead.

There are many shops along Jalan Bazaar selling all sorts of local Sarawak items. This state is famous for its cultural & traditional bangles, chains, earrings, carvings, & the usual souvenirs like key-chains, t-shirts, & local Sarawak pepper (famous!).

Bracelets & earrings in a shop

Wooden cat carvings as display ornaments
Not cheap...I can't bring myself to buy even one for a friend who loves cats!

Colourful cat ornaments

One of the many shops along Jalan Bazaar

It was food, food, & food. Since we had a 'lil more time before we depart to the airport, we made a pit-stop at the James Brooke Cafe along the Kuching Waterfront.

James Brooke Bistro & Cafe
It's a nice, cosy cafe, located in the middle of the Kuching city, facing the waterfront.

Menu at James Brooke Bistro & Cafe

I was still very full & wasn't interested in cakes & drinks, so I just sat there & stoned, while the 2 girls had a cake & a glass of lime juice each. Prices at this place is slightly high, but I can't remember the prices of the juice & cake to state it on this blog.

Lime Juice

Strawberry Chocolate Moist Cake
Theng said the cake tastes quite good.

Map to James Brooke Bistro & Cafe

View PerutBesi in a larger map

Three days of food & fun for three crazee friends :) Awesome. I'm over-eating... perhaps the PerutBesi needs a break ;)

- Ruth


Ciki November 29, 2009 at 9:08 PM  

The Strawberry Chocolate Moist Cake looks really good n moist.. how come u didn't try it? LOL ..
Wow, fish market eh, thanks for the reminder.. must go check it out one day.

PerutBesi November 30, 2009 at 1:09 AM  

->CUMI & CIKI: May! I was way too stuffed after lunch la :P Jelak of eating too much d...hahaha...believe it or not. U should check out the Satok market if u're in Kuching. Quite interesting :) keep in touch!

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