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N.E.S.W. -East (Kuching, Day 2, Part 3)

>> Saturday, November 21, 2009

Date: 30 October - 1 November 2009, Friday - Sunday
Venue: Kuching, Sarawak
Occasion: Weekend get-away with 2 high school friends

Apologies for yet more delay. I haven't had the time to blog as I was busy with office work & the Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) camp is coming up in a few weeks time! I'm the YLDP 2009 Chairperson & there's just so much to be done! *get anxious* It'll take me some time before I could get the next post out....really sorry, my faithful readers... :(

Anyways, this post shall be on Fort Margherita, one of the few must-visit historical sites while you're in Kuching. We took the sampan/small boat across the river to the fort. From the little jetty opposite the Hilton Hotel to the other side of the river, the sampan ride costs RM0.50. Upon getting down from the sampan, walk through the village & you'll come to Fort Margherita. It's not that difficult to find your way there. There are signboards leading you to the fort :)

Stall at the village selling local & western food at night

There's even a tuition centre in the village :D

Road towards the fort

You'll have to walk up a narrow & slightly steep pathway to the fort

In the middle of the village/"jungle", you'll see a school, right before the fort

We even saw a horse grazing in the village on the way to Fort Margherita!! *gasp in excitement*

Can't miss the DUN Building again...it's the nicest-looking building in Kuching :P

Finally at the Fort Margherita! :D
The fort looks like a white castle. The structure is still pretty much solid & stable, & there isn't any eery or spooky feeling when we entered into the fort.

Inside the fort

One of the observatory decks at the fort

Near the 'death chamber'

Beside the 'death/torture chamber'

Ling said she looks like Mr Skull
Canons - Anyone wants to get blown up?

One of the entrances of the fort

Tombstone in memory of James Brooke's wives

Stairway to the top of a tower at Fort Margherita

One of the many rooms at the tower

At the top of the tower

Somehow, I just liked the formation of the leaves on this tree :P

Boat trip back to town
I was burning hot & red! Just check out the photo...sunburnt!! *wergh* Half a day passed with just the boat ride & exploration around the Astana & Fort Margherita areas. Fuh...more to come!

Do stay tuned with PerutBesi! I really have so much more to share with all of you, but time is really very tight for me *sigh*

- Ruth


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