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Mooncake Festival 2009

>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

Date: 3rd October 2009, Saturday
Venue: Grandpa's house
Occasion: Simple family gathering to celebrate Mooncake Festival

Every year, my family will gather for a meal to "celebrate" the Mooncake Festival (also known as Mid-Autumn Festival). In fact, my family will gather for whatever Chinese festivals throughout the year! It's not as if we really celebrate such occasions, but it's just an excuse to gather possibly everyone for a meal together. No mooncakes brought out, no lanterns displayed, just food for the hungry :D

Food items waiting to "dive" into the boiling pot of soup to be cooked...

Since everyone was too busy to cook up anything, the easiest thing to prepare is steamboat :) When was the last time you had home-cooked steamboat? When was the last time your whole family (uncles, aunties, cousins, close family friends) gathered for a meal together?

Uncles, aunties, cousin, & close family friends

- Ruth


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