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Trip to Singapore (Day 2)

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Date: 18 September 2009, Friday
Venue: Singapore
Occasion: Holiday!

(Note: Conversion rate: S$1.00 = RM2.47)

I'm really sorry for the terribly long delay in posting up the Singapore posts...

It's been an indescribably busy weekend/Raya break for me that when I sit down & ponder, I felt that it may not be THAT much a break after all! *lol* Singapore consumed my entire weekend & following that, I spent the rest of the Raya break with Aaron who was in KL for a wedding...fuh, what a week!

Day 2 in Singapore was quite a day of exploration :) My only plans for the day was to meet up with my ex-classmate, Sue Ann for dinner. Apart from that, the day time was just to accompany my mum to settle her CPF & to explore certain parts of Singapore.

Not knowing where to go after settling my mum's CPF, we just headed to Raffles Place & from there, roamed around the area...hahaha...we wanted to walk around Bugis, but it was drizzling, so we decided not to go further :) The one thing that we wanted to get at that time was lunch! :D

Mum outside the Citibank building near Raffles Place MRT

One of the places we passed by offering loads of food options was Far East Square. This place offers an array of food, from Chinese to Japanese, Western, Korean, Thai, & local Singaporean :) Not too bad a place to "makan"...yums :P

Outside Far East Square

Pretty Shoes sold at a small shop in Far East Square

Around the area of Far East Square stands a small & humble museum, the Fuk Tak Chi Museum. This place was built by the Hakka & Cantonese immigrants in 1824, as a dedication to the Tua Pek Kong catering to the religious needs of both the Confucianists and Taoists. It was only in August 1998 that the building was restored and converted into a museum featuring rich Chinese history and culture with artifacts on the lives of early Chinese migrants in Singapore.

A display at Fuk Tak Chi Museum - Free admission

Mum outside the Fuk Tak Chi Museum

After walking around the areas near Far East Square, we finally landed at what we felt as a 'good place' for lunch!

China Square's Food Court
Almost every corner of Singapore has a food court. Each food court offers a good variety of food & almost every food court will be packed with people during meal times! I reckon this place was an exception, especially with so many office buildings around the area.

XO Fish Slice Mee Hoon/Vermicelli (S$5.50/bowl)
Yummilicious! I was so pleased that I paid an extra S$1.00 for the XO version :D The usual fish slice noodles cost S$4.50, but I really love some alcohol with the noodles :) This was one fish slice noodles where I felt it was worth paying around RM13.60/bowl. It is quite costly once converted to RM, but the taste was so good that it was all worth it :) The soup was fragrant & doesn't have that smelly fish smell, plus the texture of the noodles was just right! *drools & dreams for more*

PerutBesi Ruth enjoying her fish head noodles

Fresh Fish Slice
The fish was truly irresistible! The meat was fresh, BONELESS, & smooth! The batter wasn't too thick & was deep-fried to perfection, enveloping the slice of fish to give it a fragrant yet fresh taste :)

Fresh Watermelon Juice (S$2.50/glass)
No water nor sugar added - purely watermelon juice :) Costs around RM6.20/glass...it is very costly in RM, but I'm not gonna starve just because I've to pay more than double for everything there!

Pan Mee Soup (S$3.50/bowl)
Smooth flour noodles in a balanced-taste soup. They were quite generous with the ingredients :) Paid RM8.65 for a bowl of pan mee...it's more than double the price of pan mee in KL! *faints*

The pan mee stall at China Square's Food Court - Ramen

The fish slice noodles stall at China Square's Food Court - Fish Soup

The street that China Square is located
...hahaha...I made mum pose beside the street sign :P

After lunch, mum & I decided to walk around the areas near Raffles & with the help of a map, we took the challenge to walk to The Esplanade & the Merlion. It was quite a distant as we just lost our bearings...hahaha...we may have ended up walking a greater distance just to get to the Esplanade!

Outside a hotel at Collyer Quay
I don't know if it's a hotel or what also...hahaha...all I know is that it looks nice & we were so tired after walking so far that we had to take a break :P

At the Merlion
Finally we reached the Merlion! *woots!* My mum hasn't been here before so it was a good opportunity to bring her around the area :)

It has been almost 5 years since I last visited this place :)
The wind was blowing so strongly that my hair just couldn't stay in place...hahaha...

Tired mum & I at the Merlion

The 'Durian'/Esplanade

After walking for hours, we decided to head back to my aunt's for a rest. While my mum went back herself, I actually stopped at Jurong East to meet up with TJ, a friend from Jeremiah School 2004 (JS is like a camp lasting for almost 3 months), whom I actually have not met since then! It was a good time of catching up :) 5 years of stories! *woots* After the meet up, I headed back to my aunt's to freshen up & got ready for my next dinner appointment. *faints* By then, my mum was still too tired, so she decided to have her dose of home-cooked dinner while I went out to meet Sue Ann.

Sue Ann & I met at ION Orchard, a new shopping mall directly outside the Orchard MRT station. We walked around the mall hunting for food (another food hunt again) & finally decided to dine at The Soup Spoon, a lovely place for soups, sandwiches, & wraps :)

The Soup Spoon Cafe/Restaurant

Simon & Garfunkel Chicken & Mushroom Ragout (S$ 10.90/set)
The soup set comprises of a soup+bun, a sandwich/salad/wrap, & a glass of ice lemon tea. I thought it was a GREAT deal since you actually get a high-nutrition meal!! It'll cost around RM26.90/set when converted to RM.

Simon & Garfunkel Chicken & Mushroom Ragout
Taken from the menu: "Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme...as the album goes...this ragout pays tribute to one of the most influential groups of the bygone era. The rich, creamy stew is filled with marinated chunks of chicken soaked together with the infamous foursome herbs and 6 types of mushrooms including the woodsy Portobello, smooth Oyster and Abalone Mushrooms, the Oriental Enoki & Shitake, and the ever popular Button Mushrooms. These foursome herbs are known for their mood enhancing abilities with a wide range of cleansing and protective properties. Sage eases digestion; Rosemary is anti-inflammatory; Thyme is good expectorant; and Parsley is a power anti-oxidant. Need anymore convincing?" Too lovely to resist!! *drools unceasingly*

Roast Duck Wrap (around S$8.80/wrap ala carte)
Slivers of roast duck wrapped with romaine leaves, carrot slices, tomato chunks, mandarin oranges, orange reduction, & pea shoots wrapped with soft pita bread. Very tangy (mandarin oranges), fragrant (roast duck), & fresh (greens) - No regrets ordering this wrap although we had to pay an extra of S$0.50 for this wrap...roast duck wei...surely more expensive :P

Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff (S$5.60-S$6.90/regular serving)
"Feels almost like eating fresh mushrooms out of the field. The mushrooms are so smooth, they glide down the throat. This soup is overpowering with the aroma of mushrooms perfect for mushroom lovers." I'm not too sure how much it cost, but that's the price range. Absolutely a must for mushroom lovers - chunky mushrooms in every spoonful! :D

Thai Chicken Vermicilli
Lemongrass Chicken, Vermicilli, Water Chestnut, Celery, Coriander, Carrot, Cherry Tomato, Snow Pea Sprout. A very fresh & slightly spicy salad :)

Sue Ann & I at the Orchard MRT
It was a great time of catching up with this wonderful friend of mine :) I look forward to our next meet up! :D

Map to ION Orchard

View PerutBesi in a larger map

The Soup Spoon
ION Orchard
Basement 3 Unit 18
Tel: (+65) 6509 8765
Business Hours: Mon - Fri: 11.00am to 10.00pm; Sat-Sun: 11.00am to 10.30pm
Website: The Soup Spoon


Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * * 1/2
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


Thus calls the end of Day 2 in Singapore...so much more to blog! Day 3 & Day 4 will be coming up soon...to add to my "home work" list, I have more on my Raya break to share with all of you! ;)

Stay tuned with PerutBesi!!

- Ruth


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