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Trip to Singapore (Day 1)

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Date: 17 - 20 September 2009, Thursday - Sunday

Venue: Singapore
Ocassion: Holiday with mum; hidden agenda: try out good Singaporean food!! *lol*

(Note: Didn't do much on Day 1, so no food photos...was just resting at home :))

It was very tough for me to drag myself out of bed on a Thursday morning. My flight to Singapore was at 12.45p.m., but my mum & I decided to follow my dad's car out to my grandpa's house when he left the house for work. At least we didn't need to take a bus ourselves & go through the hassle of waiting for a bus, not knowing if it will ever arrive on time. Malaysian busses...some more in some kampung area....

It was quite 'siao' to wake up around 6.15a.m. just to get out of the house by 6.40a.m. My dad had to work, so no choice la...had to beat the jam as well. I had some time to sleep in my grandpa's house before heading out for a simple breakfast with my mum. After breakfast, my uncle sent us to the LRT station to catch the train to the KL Sentral station. We're really thankful for my uncle :)

It was quite interesting. I actually expected to board the 10.30a.m. bus to LCCT, but we were there by 10a.m., & the bus hasn't left & wasn't even filled up yet :) So we got onto that bus & managed to get to the LCCT around 11.15a.m. We had loads of time to spare! :D Very good...my mum was pleased cos she's quite an anxious person. Hahahaha....

Waiting for the 'gate' to open

From LCCT to Singapore by Air Asia - we managed to get the RM0 fare ;)

Excited mum :D
She rarely gets to be so 'sam pat', so it was 'freedom' for her! *lol*

Boarding the plane

The journey to Singapore on the Air Asia airlines wasn't too bad. There was a part with slight turbulence, but apart from that, the whole journey was smooth & pleasant :) Thank God! Mum & I felt a 'lil lost upon arriving at the Changi Airport. I have never stepped foot on Changi nor have I flew to Singapore. All this while, I took the bus & the train.

See you later, Malaysia; Hello, Singapore! ;)

Landed at the Singapore Changi Airport

Heading towards the arrival hall at Changi

Our flight landed at Terminal 2

Free internet access was just good news for me! Ahahahaha...I quickly logged onto the chats & left offline msgs to my loved ones, informing them that we've arrived safely at Singapore :) Awesome! Our journey from Changi back to my aunt's house was a really long one....we had to change trains 3 times & finally ended up at Choa Chu Kang...no joke...24 stations in total k? *faints*

Happy me with free internet access :D

Heading towards the Changi MRT station

Look what I saw!

We didn't really have much to do, so lazing & just relaxing at home was all good :) Amidst the screams & shouts of the 4 hyper-active kids belonging to my 2 cousins, I could still take a comfortable nap on the couch...hahaha....I met my latest edition of niece, Leia, who was just SO cute with extremely large eyes, & got to enjoy a simple, yet lovely home-cooked meal prepared by my aunt. Ah...the joy of family-togetherness....me like :)

Mum with Leia while Ethan looks on :)

I think Leia ain't comfy in that position...hahaha...

What concluded the day as excellent was internet access from home :D *rejoice* I thought that I wouldn't get to access the internet for the next couple of days, but I guess I was wronged :P I'm kinda looking forward to my next 3 days in Singapore....will keep everyone reading updated with more stuff!

Stay tuned ;)

- Ruth


hApPy HaPpY September 19, 2009 at 6:49 AM  

enjoy yr trip & tell us about your food adventure there...

xxx September 20, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

go where also can spot DHL :P

bad girl, says your mama "38" :P

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