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Trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Day 2)

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Date: 13 August 2009, Thursday
Venue: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

This was the much awaited day for our 4 days holiday! It's "island hopping day"! *woots*

I was very determined to visit at least 2 islands: Manukan & Mamutik Islands, after hearing much about these 2 islands. We left the hotel around 9a.m., but the free shuttle bus from 1B leaves only at 10a.m. We lepaked at 1B, bought a loaf of bread (for fish feeding. It's usually very expensive if we want to buy bread from the island itself for fish feeding), & had a simple breakfast of buns that we bought the day before from Giant.

Around 10a.m., we left 1B for KK city. The bus ride was quite enjoyable. Furthermore, it's free, so it makes the ride even more worth it *lol*

The 1Borneo free shuttle stops at Warisan Square in KK city centre. It's basically in the middle of the city centre & very accessible to every other place. There are frequent rounds of the City Buses as well, so upon getting down from the 1B bus & crossing the road, we got onto the City Bus...kekeke...it costs RM1.00/ride. You can actually take the City Bus around the whole of KK City as well for the same fee ;)

We stopped at Jesselton Point, the jetty area to take the boat to Manukan & Mamutik Islands. There were loads of counters at Jesselton Point with different companies selling their packages. We just got lured to the 1st counter & bought our package immediately without 'shopping' around for other packages. I didn't want to think so much *lol*

Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

The package to 2 islands costs RM27.00, while the rental of snorkelling goggles + life jacket costs RM20.00. There's also an additional jetty fee of RM6.00 to pay before we leave for the islands. The boat ride to the islands was very fun!!

On the way to Manukan Island

Manukan Island is said to be the largest among the cluster of islands at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. The sea was a lovely blue & the weather on that day was just perfect. It was slightly hot, but good for a day out on the beach, bearing in mind that yes, I'll get sun burnt :P

Loads of fishes in the sea at Manukan Island

Welcome to Manukan Island :D

The weather was just perfect for snorkeling!

And to sit back, relax, & enjoy ;)

We had 2 hours at Manukan Island & another 2 more hours at Mamutik Island. Two hours seems short, but it was enough for snorkeling. More hours will mean worse sunburns...hahaha...

Mamutik Island was far better than Manukan Island. The corals there were indescribably beautiful. Unfortunately, I've no idea why the sea water kept entering my goggles =.=" It didn't happen at Manukan! Bummer. I kept having to stand up to pour out the water & have my poor legs bitten by those monsterous fishies. Zap those naughty fishies!! Grrr....

Welcome to Mamutik Island!

Peaceful view of boats at the jetty in Mamutik Island

Too bad my camera couldn't go underwater. If not, I would be able to capture some really pretty corals & colourful fishes. We saw loads of corals, sea urchins (which Aaron was SO afraid that I will step on them), starfishes, sea cucumbers, jellyfish (Aaron saw this), & of course the usual parrot fish, angel fish, & I don't know what fishes *lol*

Lunch Time!
Check it out - Gardenia actually has a factory manufacturing beverages like these!!

Common Fried Rice for Lunch (RM5.00 - RM7.00 [with chicken])

Nothing to brag about since it was just to fill us after much snorkeling...we were hungry, so this was the best option available.

More Snorkeling & Fish Feeding
Aaron feeding the fishies while I snap some photos. This is where some naughty fishes started to bit my leg! Bummer!

We left Mamutik Island by boat to Jesselton Point around 4p.m. We really didn't want to leave the islands....it was too nice! How I wish I could stay on such lovely islands *day dreams*

Upon arrival at Jesselton Point, we walked all the way to the middle of town (Jesselton is at one end of the city) for a refreshing drink of coconut water. To my surprise, coconut water in KK city is not cheap at all! One coconut costs RM3.00 (cold)!

Blue Marlin/Ikan Todak at the KK Waterfront

KK's Wet Market
On the way to the coconut water stall, we passed by the wet market. It was quite a walk from Jesselton Point to the coconut stalls...hahaha...but I was feeling rather adventurous, so Aaron had no choice but to walk along; he was sweating buckets! *lol*

At the Coconut Stall
I looked red! Sun burnt la...hahaha...It's not very obvious now cos I'm not very fair-skinned anyway, so people can't see much difference. If they see my back, they'll notice that I am sun burnt after all! :D

After a refreshing drink, we walked through the evening food market, where loads of food were sold, & headed to the KK Waterfront to catch the sunset. It was lovely!!! *melts*

Evening View Behind the KK Wet Market

I love the sigh of sun ray breaking through the clouds! *melts in awe*

Local Food!! *drools*

Waiting for the Sunset at KK's Waterfront

I've no idea what's he thinking...looks as if he's in deep thought...either that, he's just stoning cos he's too tired after a full day at the island & in the city...

Lovely Evening Sky from the Waterfront

Caught You! Sunset! XD
Me likey!! Very pretty! Aahhh.....

Around 6.30p.m., Jurin, my ex-uni coursemate, a local Sabahan, & his colleague, Irman, came to meet us & took us out for dinner at Grace Point Food Court. What an interesting name for a food court. It's apparently started by a Christian & the whole area is named with the word 'Grace' :) They took us there cos there's this stall which sells Ethnic Sabah food. We wanted to try out some local delicacies quite badly. I mean, we're in a 'foreign land'! I want to try everything local!! *hahahaha* Our dinner came up to around RM47.00 for a fish dish, a squid dish, a veggie, an omelette, & 2 side dishes. Not too bad! That's dinner for the both of us ;)

Bambangan (around RM3.00/serving)
We just wanted to try out what is this local delicacy all about. Found out that it's a fruit that's preserved & eaten with rice. Many locals love it, but somehow I just can't seem to enjoy it...it's SO sour!! :S Looks like the mango, but SO not a mango...

Tuhau (around RM3.00/serving)

Also another side dish, a local delicacy. This is yet another dish where I find it hard to down. Tuhau is actually ginger shoots, preserved & eaten on its own or with rice. The texture is like the ginger, its taste is very sour & the smell is utterly pungent that it goes up your nose like the wasabi. Bleagh. Ruth didn't like this.

It's truly unfortunate that my camera battery died at Grace Point :( *wails* We had to use Aaron's camera phone to take the food pics - his phone's not a Cybershot phone, so quality was compromised :( Oh well....

Grilled Talapia Fish (around RM12.00)
We felt that the fish was too small to be enjoyed. There wasn't much flesh to dig in.

Brinjal Omelette (around RM8.00)
The concept was interesting, but the taste was common. The used the whole brinjal, flattened it & fried it with egg. A different style of omelette, isn't it?

Grilled Squid (around RM18.00)
This was the best among all the dishes that we ordered. The presentation was interesting, while the taste was actually delicious! The squid was nicely done, not under-cooked nor over-cooked, so the texture was soft, yet chewy. The sauce that they poured onto the squid was alike the brown sauce for chops, but it went well with the squid. Somehow the dish was fragrant & tastes good :)

Brown Rice
They serve a healthier type of rice with their dishes. Nice :)

Grace Point
Jalan Pantai Sembulan
Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: (+6088) 318 888
Business Hours: 8:00a.m. to 11:00p.m.

After the lovely dinner, we headed to Centrepoint Shopping Centre in KK City Centre to get some cheap DVDs...hahaha...and also a tube of aloe vera gel for my burnt back :P We also walked around Tanjung Aru beach again & after that, went to Kingfisher housing area near 1Borneo to collect our rented car from a UMS student. The next day's a joyride & exploration day!! *woohoo!!!* Me overdosed with fun!!

- Ruth


xxx August 19, 2009 at 11:56 PM  

he thinking when can come back here honeymoon with you la

PerutBesi August 19, 2009 at 11:59 PM  

-> Alex: *pikachu u* Manada think so far wan...honeymoon i dunwan to go to Sabah! Wanna go far far away!!! *lol*

xxx August 20, 2009 at 12:01 AM  

then I think he thinking when to honeymoon with you to some where far far a way !!!

ck lam August 20, 2009 at 1:51 AM  

That's a great holiday and makan trip. It's great getting to see all of it in your blog :)

PerutBesi August 20, 2009 at 6:36 PM  

->Alex: His mind memang terbang dunno where at that time d...I think he was too tired after spending so much time on the 2 islands :P

->ck lam: Hi there!! Thanks for dropping by ;) It was indeed a smashing fun holiday :D I've 2 more posts with more food stuff coming up!!

rokh August 20, 2009 at 11:58 PM  

nice holiday! i wanna go sabah one day too

PerutBesi August 21, 2009 at 3:35 PM  

-> rokh: Rach! U have to make it to Sabah at least once :D It was indeed a fantastic holiday...I'm still in holiday mood!!! Can't wait for next weekend :D Another holiday for me...woohoo!!!

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