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>> Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh gosh... I haven't written in a long time!! The weeks have been SO busy, especially this week. I get off work around 8+pm, shower, have my dinner, & then continue with a conference call at night plus updating all the documents to be sent out the the business....ergh...madness! I can see my whole project team looking so tired like zombies *sigh*

I have much to blog about! I need more time & discipline!! Hahahaha....oh yes, next week, I'll be attending a food sampling/review at PJ Hilton! Woohoo! Big thank you to theQguides.com!! *applause* I'm excited :D It's a motivation to me to look forward to the coming week!

Stay tuned yeah? ;)

Date: 29 May 2009
Venue: TRAC Headquarters
Occasion: Monthly gathering of TRAC (Trinity Annual Conference - English-speaking Methodist churches) youths & friends around the Klang Valley, who are in the university & college age group.

Almost every month, TRAC will organize a gathering for the uni & college students in the Klang Valley. This sorta gathering has been going on since last year & it has been a rather good idea to gather youths from all over Malaysia, who are studying & getting sucked into their books in the Klang Valley, for a simple dinner & catch-up. From time to time, we'll have a time of sharing by various adults, youths, & at times through movies & videos. I believe I haven't missed any TUCSG, although I'm way past the university/college age-group...hahaha...I'm just usually there as "Quin jie's" side-kick/helper/kuli.... *lol* ("Quin jie's" the Youth Ministry Coordinator, so she coordinates events & activities that concern the TRAC youths around Malaysia).

This time around, instead of catering/buying from outside, we got James & Mike to cook up a storm!! Yums! They're great chefs :) If only we have more food...the food was SO good that it was gone before I could finish my 1st round!! *sobs*

The food:

Apparently, this one tasted good, but the serving for a packet worth RM20 is SOOO small!! Bummer. I really did expect something of bigger portion! I could get like 4x this size from elsewhere....*gah* Jalan Gasing's food ain't cheap man :(

I didn't even manage to get my hands on ONE stick of satay that night :( Super sad. I bought 50 sticks, k! All gone! There were around 20 of us only...where did all the satay go??? Must be nice...if not, people are just too hungry that they whacked it all up before the PerutBesi got her hands on it. Pah.

This is no "normal rice"...James added his magic into it! Yums! I can't recall what's in it though...hahaha...perhaps James could help me here :P

Another dish by Chef James :) Interesting combination - sweet potatoes, mushrooms, garlic & herbs! My first time eating sweet potato in such a style :D Nice, nice!

Chef Mike's stewed pork...really lovely, especially when eaten with some rice...the meat was very soft d & very well flavored *drools for more*

Chef Mike's mashed potatoes....I could eat up half the portion! Me half, Hans half :D Potato lovers! *dances with joy*

This is SO meaty, yet delicious...chicken & bacon wei...umph! Some more it has herbs...hohoho....lagi best ;) I've no idea how it's done though...have to ask Chef James :D

The people:
(photos by Evie)

Evie & Mike

James & Ruth

Mei-Xin, Samantha, Rachel, & Juinn Lee

Christine, Ruth, Brian, Kenny, James L.

*yikes I forgot her name! It's my 1st time meeting her... :( me bad*, Ian, & Dante

I thought this was a really lovely shot! :D Preeetttyyy!!

Dearest uncle Herbie...a great mentor to many :)

Quin jie - my 'boss' & of course friend also la :D

Looking forward to the next gathering at the end of this month! *nyam nyam nyam* I wonder what's the menu this time around :P ("hanya tau makan"....nyek nyek nyek)

- Ruth


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