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Restoran Hai Tian, Seri Kembangan

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Venue: Restoran Hai Tian, Seri Kembangan
Occasion: CF & CC's farewell lunch
Overall comment: One fine Chinese restaurant to have a meal. The place is new, looks very presentable, & the most important part, the food is delicious :) Oh, the price is reasonable too!
Halal: No

Yes, there are several farewells this year. Perhaps it's time where these friends move on since it's been around 2+ years working here. These bunch of people are still very young (like me!) & moving on as a career advancement is not surprising.

Hai Tian is well-known for their Chinese-style dishes. They have a wide variety of dishes & so far, their dishes have been consistently up to standard. No doubt there will be certain dishes better than the other, & that's highly understandable.

One of their most famous & popular dishes is the "Tau Foo Kang". It's similar to the shark's fin soup, without the shark fin. The broth is smooth, & same goes the beancurd; the portion of crab meat, scallops, & Chinese black mushrooms are also generous :) I really enjoyed this & I believe anyone would, especially for those who love shark's fin soup & needed something alike with a lower price to pay.

"Tau Foo Kang"

Stir-Fried Broccoli with Garlic
The broccoli was fresh & nicely cooked. I dislike over-cooked broccoli...soft & mushy broccoli just spoils the natural goodness of this veggie.

"Fatt Putt"/Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts in Yam Basket
The yam basket was slightly crispy on the outside, warm & soft on the inside...wow, melts in your mouth. Excellent dish, really :) The chicken & cashew nuts were of good accompanyment to the yam basket.

Assam-Style Red Talapia Fish
Erm...this one's not as good as the other dishes. The fish was alright - some of us thought that it was a 'lil fishy/not fresh, while some of us thought that it was still ok. The assam gravy was slightly too sour, but nonetheless appetizing.

Deep-Fried Sesame Chicken Cutlets in Salad
I'm not of great fancy of this dish since the 1st time I had it several months ago. Somehow I don't enjoy mini pieces of deep fried chicken breast meat as it is rough & somewhat hard. I'm not too sure 'bout this time around since I didn't even bother trying it again...hahaha....

Deep-Fried Pumpkin with Salted Eggs
If I wasn't told that it's pumpkin, I may have thought that it's sweet potato or something too nice to be true. It's certainly lower in cholesterol & a wee bit healthier as compared to the usual deep-fried squids with salted eggs (which my sister & I really love!). A very good alternative; very unique & special, & certainly a MUST TRY! (even if you don't like pumpkins, this may change your entire perspective of the 'big, round gourd of sort')

Dessert - Watermelons & Milk Jelly
What can I say about such simple dessert? It's free....the watermelon's sweet....and the jelly is just nice in taste...? :D

All the best, CC...
(Note: CC [front, left] left the organization last week already...)

Have a great new journey, CF & CC!
Both of them left the company already...ah, memories...

The guys with CF (front, right)

The Finance IT gang

Having lunch or dinner at Hai Tian has never been disappointing (so far). This place is large enough to fit a wedding banquet as well! If you're around the area & would like some good Chinese meal, head over to Hai Tian & make sure you order the "Tau Foo Kang" & their "Deep-Fried Pumpkin with Salted Eggs"!

Restoran Hai Thian 海天酒家
9, Jalan BPP 8/2 
 Bandar Putra Permai
43300, Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 8943 5002 / (+603) 8948 8781 / (+603) 8945 4160
Business hours: Lunch 11:00a.m. - 2:30p.m. daily; Dinner 5:00p.m. - 10:30p.m. daily
(Closes every Monday unless the public holiday falls on a Monday)
GPS: 2.985963,101.66482


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