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Tong's Farewell

>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

Date: 17 April 2009, Friday
Venue: Restoran Kee V, Kajang
Occasion: Farewell lunch for Tong
Overall comment: I've written about this restaurant before, but I guess it has improved on its variety & publicity since the last time I ate here! The food, service, & price is good :) *thumbs up*
Halal: No

*Sorry for the delay in posting on this blog... :( *

It was one of the rare occasions that a group of us (colleagues) will drive all the way to Kajang for lunch. Well, it's not all that far from Cyberjaya to Kajang, but it takes at least 30minutes :)

I've only been here once, so I couldn't recall how to get there...but all thanks to Google Map, we got there without much trouble! :D Below are some pics taken at the restaurant...if you're around that area, do try this place out ;)

Restoran Kee V's Menu
They have a menu! *gasp* Sudah maju...

Kajang's Famous Spicy Soup (RM8.00/head)
It's something like 'bah kut teh', but the soup is clear & pepperish (gets more spicy as you eat) & it is very fragrant because of the Chinese parsley that they put on top of the soup :)

Claypot Chicken cooked in Chinese Wine (RM8.00/head)
This is another must have when dining in this restaurant :) The chicken is "just nice" (not over/under cooked) & the fragrance of the wine makes the sizzling hot chicken dish really tasty!

Kee V's Deep Fried Red Talapia (RM19.00)
One of the best deep fried fish I've ever had! It's SOOOO crispy that you can even eat the bones!! :P *yum yum yum*

Claypot Spicy Squid (RM9.00/head)
This dish is actually very tasty, but it's too spicy for my liking! *on fire* After drinking the spicy soup, eating this spicy squid dish is a big no-no.... :S

The Gang

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Restoran Kee V
Plaza Indah 1
Taman Sepakat Indah
Sungai Chua
43000 Kajang
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (603) 8738 4134
H/p: (6017) 655 2222

- Ruth


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