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Restaurant Nak Won

>> Saturday, April 4, 2009

Date: 4 April 2009, Saturday
Venue: Business Avenue Ampang Jaya
Occasion: Lunch with Anne & her colleagues
Overall comment: The first thing I noticed about this place was that the workers ain't Korean! I reckon they are Burmese...they're a little too dark to be Koreans! :D I thought they were Malay as well, but nope, this place serves pork, so they can't be Muslims. the second thing I noticed was the price of food - quite expensive! I nearly fainted & wanted to run out of the restaurant before I order anything...hahaha...However, after ordering, we realized that the portion wasn't too bad & the taste of food was pretty good :) You HAVE TO share cos 1. eating alone ain't that fun, 2. it's too costly to eat a variety of food alone, 3. portion is quite large. I would recommend this place if Romance & Cheers is closed (I think it's only opened for dinner). Enough said ;)
Halal: No

It was one of those rare moments where Anne & I could actually meet up! Yeap, I was pretty excited :D It's been almost 5 years since we became friends & I really cherish the friendship that we have with each other :)

It was out of randomness that I met up with her this afternoon. I wanted to have Korean food today, but I intended to call up another friend instead. Too bad that friend was on her way to Redang for a holiday. Bah. I thought I would just scrape the Korean food plan & just head to town to get my bus tickets plus 'lepak' alone at Low Yat/somewhere in KL (it's been a while since I last had time to go 'loiter' in the city :P).

Out of no where, Anne messaged me to ask me for the name of the Korean restaurant that I last visited & recommended. I didn't know she was back in KL for the weekend! Wergh. I found out that it was a very last minute plan to come back to KL...she & her housemate brought their 2 colleagues from the Philippines to the city for sight-seeing.

Alrighto, enough of rambling...kakakaka...time for the food! Prepare to drool...

The Restaurant

Let's start eating! *drumrolls* Appetizers (FOC/on the house)

"See also full dy...."

SO many dishes to wash :S

Check out the fire! Woohoo...charcoal bbq-ed food! Extra yummy :D

BBQ Marinated Boneless Beef Rib (RM53.00/serving)

Marinated Beef with Rice in Claypot (RM20.00/serving)

Bibimbap (RM15.00/serving)
Mixed rice with assorted vegetables served in a hot stone bowl

Dokbokgi (RM18.00/serving)
Korean rice cake fried with chilli sauce

Kimchi Soup served with rice (RM15.00/serving)

Poricha (FOC/on the house)
Each meal is concluded with a free roasted barley drink. It's a Korean's traditional drink...really nostalgic for me as I had this during my trip to Seoul 2 years back...

Watermelon for dessert (FOC/on the house)
Apparently each patron gets such things in their meals: Free appetizers (refillable, I would think, since it's a Korean custom), poricha, & watermelon/fruit as dessert.

Here's a map to the restaurant

Restaurant Nak Won

A11-1-1-, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2
Business Avenue Ampang Jaya
68000 Ampang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 4253 4249
Fax: (+603) 4252 2484
URL: http://www.nakwon-bbq.com


Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


- Ruth


Emily April 8, 2009 at 12:34 PM  

The photos suggest it would have been a lavish meal.

PerutBesi April 9, 2009 at 11:30 AM  

-> Emily: Yep yep! It was indeed quite a lavish meal :D We ordered a lil too much that we can't finish it all!! Hahaha...I just enjoy the Korean meal culture...nice!

rokh April 13, 2009 at 5:06 PM  

looks good. have you tried before daorae?

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