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Chris' 21st Birthday Bash

>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Date: 28 March 2009, Saturday
Venue: Chris' house
Occasion: Chris' 21st birthday party!

This post is quite overdue...hahaha...as usual, I have been procrastinating after work to actually sit down & blog :P A really bad habit that I have *shrug*

It's been a long time since I've attended any birthday parties, & a 21st birthday party, to be exact. I can't really recall what I had during my 21st birthday...oh yes, just a simple dinner with my family...bah, sometimes I wish I had a 21st birthday party. Anyways, Chris is a "big boy" now :D

I basically took photos of the food, while photos of people - there were too many DSLRs around the house ;) A really lovely party...so much food...I didn't even manage to eat everything! I had 2 rounds, without dessert...& I was stuffed already...bummer!

The Birthday Boy ;)
And his cake...

2 Chefs by Profession & a chef-in-his-own-kitchen :) Keng!

Starters (I think it's all home-made!):

Fried Home-Made Wedges

I think this is home-made as well :) I didn't manage to fit any of these into my system...gah...

This ones were definitely home-made :) Yummy!

Something healthy to keep the balance ;)

Main Courses (all 3 pasta variants & the pizzas were catered from William's):

Roast Chicken by Chris' mum....fantastic! Super-duper yummy!! :P

This is like traditionally Chinese to cater for those 'rice buckets' ("fan tong" in Cantonese - those who just need to have rice in their meals) Kakakaka...another yummy dish, though I can't possibly take more food already ;(

I think apart from the brownies that Chris made himself (with his lil sister's assistance to stir-in stuff), the rest were catered/bought as well :) Lovely.

Loads of food, right??! But look what I had! I only had this plate of food & another plate of chilli angel's hair pasta + a bowl of mushroom soup! Bah! What a disappointment :(

I think PerutBesi memang "Iron Stomach" lar...can't take too much food wan...can take almost any sorta food, but quantity-wise, quite depressing. Furthermore, with my age catching up, my metabolism isn't all that "powderful" anymore :( Eat more = put on more weight....bummer la! :(

Anyways, Chris, thanks for inviting me to your birthday party! I had a great time there!!! Hope you enjoyed yourself, though you've had a LONG day that day ;)

- Ruth


Chris April 4, 2009 at 7:41 AM  

Very nice stuff. Thanks =)

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