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BOYW Retreat, Port Dickson

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally some updates!! Sorry for the delay...

Dates: 6-9 March 2009, Friday - Monday
Venue: Methodist Centre, Port Dickson
Occasion: Planning retreat for the next quadrennium for the Board of Youth Work (BOYW).

Note: More photos will be uploaded....especially food pics! *drools*

It was quite an interesting weekend for me, though a really tiring one (I can't deny it!). I didn't know what to expect for this retreat. All I had in my mind at that time was 'work work work UAT UAT UAT' & it haunted me pretty much throughout the retreat. *sigh* I couldn't really sleep cos even when I slept, UAT was in my mind & it was kinda like a nightmare for me *sob* The best part was that I received a call from office on my 2nd nihgt at the retreat & the thought of work clogged-up my mind even more. I felt quite yucky, but really, thanks to Aaron & all my friends at the retreat, I could slowly let go of the thoughts of work while at the retreat...

The retreat was aimed to gather people who were in the board & some of us young people who have been working with youths, to plan for the next 4 years - for the youth ministry in TRAC. We had sessions to brainstorm on the current situation of youth ministry, what we could do, & sessions to discuss on the vision & mission of BOYW for the next 4 years. Fuh. Banyak info...

I reckon, the best part of the retreat wasn't so much the planning & brain-storming session, but the bonding times in the evening (with ice kacang hunting almost everyday!) & the extra-bonding time at night all through early morning....around 2+am :P Those times were just SO precious. It was during those times where a few of us friends sat down to share on our hopes, dreams, & lil stories that revealed God so real in our lives. Those 'sessions' were really encouraging & uplifting! :)

We had free times in the evening & the beach was just 5 minutes walking distance! The sun was still shining bright & shadows are reminders that we are still walking on earth, where there is darkness, like it or not....

I love my friends!!!

I love hanging out with you fellas & I'm really blessed & encouraged by the lives that you all live! :) Will miss you all SO much...

I left the retreat site feeling refreshed & filled with a renewed hope for the youth ministry, as well as for my own life :) I really look forward to such gathering of people of similar passion ;)

- Ruth


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