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Sunburst, sunset

>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

Date: 9 January 2009, Friday
Venue: Cyberjaya...on the way to the Elite highway, heading towards Shah Alam

I've a great love for sunrises, sunsets, "puffy" clouds -- scenery/nature on the whole! It was one of those Fridays where I was driving back to my house from work in Cyberjaya that this beauty of nature struck me in awe. Yes, I was driving...pretty much at 100km/h on the highway towards the toll gate, but I just HAD to capture this "wow" moment with my camera!

Thank goodness I had my camera nearby...in my bag, I think, that I could fish it out & quickly capture the moment before it passed me by *awe* All I had to do was hold my steering wheel with one hand, slow down the car, & place the camera on top of the steering wheel while I get the best shot! Hahaha....siaoness... I reckon, if I have a DSLR with me, the photos would be SO much sharper & nicer, but a compact camera is just very handy for a 'fish-out, point, & shoot'. I love my camera.... :D

I love it when the sun rays just burst from behind the clouds! :D

It felt as if Heaven was opening up...

Driving was not as boring this day since the sun played "peek-a-boo" with me :D *lol*

I was waiting at the traffic light, feeling a little bored, when I saw the sun setting from my car's side mirror! Eeekk....sooo pweeeetiiie....

- Ruth


xxx January 26, 2009 at 12:15 AM  

While driving, don't take photo !!!


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