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New Year's Eve Celebration

>> Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye, 2008... Welcome, 2009!!!

It was one of the rare years that I spent my new year's eve at a friend's place instead of attending Watchnight service in church. I was at EB's house for a simple, yet sumptuous pot-luck dinner with a whole bunch of church friends (and EB's friends who came later in the night). The spread of food was great, the fellowship was warm, & it's just a pretty nice way to chill out & usher in a new year ;) Awesome!

Here goes the food:

The spread of good food on the dinner table :) Lovely!

Lydia's Spaghetti with Tuna
It's actually quite nice :) Kudos, Lyd!

EB's Mashed Potatoes
Something that EVERYONE couldn't resist! *lip smacking*

Kentucky Fried Chicken - Jason
Original Recipe wei...don't you just crave for some juicy fried chicken??

EB's & Samson's Roast Chicken
It's seriously not too bad...since when our dear Samson knew how to cook??

Ayamas Black Pepper Roasters - Leej
Mm...me love black pepper :P I think Leej brought this...

Noel's Salads
Noel actually had the time to get some salads done! *awe*

Chris' & Rachel's Stuffed Mushrooms
Oolala...I loved it!! It was slightly spicy due to the Thai ham, but wah, ham+peppers+cheese+mushrooms....*drop dead*

Satay from Damansara Uptown - Ruth
I just gave it a shot to buy this after my meal at Village Park....this coffeeshop is just opposite VP. We all agreed that it's pretty neat satay! *fuh* RM0.60/stick ;)

Rachel & Ruth
The only photo I took with someone at the party...hahaha...

After dinner, we just sat down on the utterly comfortable sofas & our eyes were all glued to the LCD screen TV -- Pirates of the Caribbean parts 1-3!! Woohoo!! Nice ;) We ushered in the new year at the rooftop, at the poolside, watching the 'farts of fireworks' from behind buildings. Super sad man...recession la...ish....that's why there weren't as many fireworks & even when there are, the fireworks weren't "powerful" *sigh*

Happy New Year everyone!!

- Ruth & Anne


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