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>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

We're really sorry for not updating this site since the beginning of this month...

I've been terribly busy with stuff & didn't really have the time to sit down & type of blog posts...everyday after work/the day's activities, I will be dead tired & all I want to do is just to sit down & stone...

I was away at a leadership camp in Tapah for the whole of last week (6 days, 5 nights). Since last Monday (8th Dec), I was busy preparing for the camp -- doing up the name tags & settling all things pertaining registration. We had around 138 campers ranging from age 13 years old - 18 years old, & around 30 helpers (not inclusive of the 8 speakers). I was the Asst. Camp Commander during the past whole week, so you could just imagine that madness that I had to go through for at least 6 days! *faints*

I will be posting up some photos taken at the camp soon (hopefully by today). Going on leave for a whole week sounds very fun, but coming back to reality after the one week of camp, back to office & the workload is a nightmare. Furthermore, the projects that I am in are pretty much at its peak, so go figure & imagine how my life is at present....

Christmas is also around the corner & I haven't completed my gift hunting & wrapping... I'm SO gonna give up bothering 'bout gifts soon la...sigh...so tiring. All I want is just a relaxing time of Christmas to ponder & immerse into the true meaning of Christmas.

I'll keep the updates flowing here, don't worry :) I'll also be back in Kuantan next weekend, so it'll be another busy. busy week for me! *woot!*

- Ruth


Anonymous December 18, 2008 at 2:01 PM  

yaya..."BZ" bz honeymoon with double AA ...:p

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