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Saba' Restaurant, Cyberjaya

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Date: 24 December 2008, Wednesday
Venue: Saba' Restaurant, Cyberjaya (New Town)
Occasion: Lunch with colleagues (5 guys & I'm the only girl! *ergh* but it was fun :P)
Overall comment: Although I'm not a fan of Arabian food, I must say that the food here is very delicious! Seriously... you've gotta taste it for yourself. The price of the food may seem slightly high, but the portion served makes the food there really worth eating :) Trust me! *lol* For the 1st time, I found good food in Cyberjaya!! *woohoo!!*

Barbican Drink (RM3.00/bottle)
This drink is something like soda/carbonated flavored drink. The ones that some of the guys had was lemon flavor. Not too bad, I heard.

Mango Juice (RM5.00/glass)
It's super expensive for a glass of mango juice, but I tell you, this is no normal juice! Super 'kow' man!! It's filled with fiber & it's VERY thick!! It's almost like drinking slurpee, except that slurpee is ice & this is like blended 'Elephant Tusk' mango itself! *yummilicious* Thank you, Toby for treating me to this drink :)

Grounded Mixed Chilli & Pickles
These are given free :) The chilli's too spicy for my liking *woot!*

Lamb Kabsah with Rice (RM20.00/large serving)
The regular serving costs RM15.00, but with 5 guys & a girl, it's advisable to just order the large serving of the tender, juicy, well-marinated with herbs, grilled lamb... one of the best lambs I've ever eaten!! Seriously....good portion & feeds all 6 of us well ;)

Roasted Chicken (half bird) with Rice (RM13.00/half bird)
I thought that the roast chicken will be dry, but I was wroooonnng.... I liked the flavor on the skin & the meat is actually nicely cooked :) Kudos! *drools* Oh yeah, they do serve 1/4 bird for RM8.00/serving as well :)

Lebanese Bread (RM2.00/pack of 10 pieces if ordered separately)
These bread came with the BBQ platter below. We didn't really enjoy the bread though...it was slightly too dry...what more when eaten with the BBQ meat! *lol*

Mix Barbeque (RM25.00/plate)
This platter consists of chicken kebab, lamb kebab, grilled chicken, & lamb tikka. The meat are actually quite nice, but it was a little dry... I quite like the rich flavor & I certainly enjoyed the fries! Oh yeah, the platter comes with some dip alike the peanut sauce (but it's actually white beans paste), but we all didn't really like it :P

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * * *
Environment: * * * *
Taste: * * * *
Service: * * *


- Ruth


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