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Post Christmas Holiday

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dates: 26 December 2008, Friday - 29 December 2008, Monday
Venue: Kuantan! (where else? it's my 2nd home :D )
Occasion: Post Christmas holiday with family & friends
Activities: Basically, I was back there just to relax, unwind, & no doubt, meet up with family & friends :) My sister & my friend, Junie, came along with me, & I believe they had a wonderful time as well... even though there was nothing much for them to do except to eat & 'vegetate' ;) Oh yeah, it was our first time driving up to Kuantan too!! Woohoo!!

Note: I received a new Lumix FX-38 digital camera for Christmas!! All the photos below are taken with the new camera ;)

Let's talk about the food first, before I share about the fun! ;)

Date: 27 December 2008, Saturday
Venue: Teng Haw Coffeeshop, Jalan Teluk Sisek, Kuantan (few doors away from Zam Zam)
Occasion: Breakfast with Aaron, Rachel, & Junie
Overall comment: This place is well-known for its curry mee. No doubt the ingredients that came with the noodles were pretty good, but somehow the soup still lacks the 'kick'. I felt that the serving/portion was very generous (maybe it's because we were there late & they were about to close)...
Halal: No

Teng Haw Curry Mee

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * *


Date: 29 December 2008, Monday
Venue: Dream House Kopitiam, Lorong Galing 2
Occasion: Brunch with aunty Rosalind, aunty Alline, Abigail, Aaron, Rachel, & Junie before we left for KL
Overall comment: The 'rainbow pan mee' is pretty nice. The noodles are 'just right' in my opinion, & the soup is quite tasty as well. The only set-back that I think the pan mee lacks is the generosity of the mixed ingredients... like the meat, anchovies, black fungus, & veggie. Somehow I feel that the 'rainbow pan mee' in Seri Kembangan is still better ;) The portion is very, very generous & the price is SO irresistable as well... RM4.00 for a good helping wei...
Halal: No

Dream House Kopitiam, Lorong Galing 2 (ppl refer to this place as Tunas building)

'Rainbow Pan Mee' (RM3.70/bowl)
The different color noodles are just different ingredients used to make the noodles. The green ones are made from 'por choy' (a type of green leaf veggie), while the orange noodles are made from carrots. Apparently there's another variant that uses dragon fruit, but they didn't have it when we were there :(

Dry Pan Mee (RM4.00/plate)
I've no idea why the dry pan mee is more costly...plus, this is the normal pan mee, not even the 'rainbow' one! Wergh...so strange...but ah well, nothing much to shout about...

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * *
Service: * * *


I certainly had more food than just the above ;) The thing is that I didn't take any photos of the:

  • 1st day's dinner at Pantai Seafood Restaurant in Air Putih,
  • 2nd day's dinner as it was Aaron's grandma's birthday dinner (very pai se to take ok...)
  • 3rd day's lunch at the Hainanese Chicken Rice Shop, opposite Berjaya Megamall (bummer) cos it was lunch with Aaron's family
  • 3rd day's dinner with chi-chi Evelyn & family at Mr Specky *sigh* (I'm waiting for Calvin to pass me the photos since he was my PA for the night ;) )

Anyways, here are some photos taken during the entire trip:

Date: 27 December 2008, Saturday
Venue: Teluk Cempedak beach, Kuantan
Occasion: Intro Junie to the Kuantan beach since she hasn't been to Kuantan before! Plus take Abigail out for some fun :)

My sister, Rachel, & I at Teluk Cempedak beach
The beach is just 5min drive from the house :) This is Bay2... less people, cleaner water ;)

Aaron & I on some rock at Bay 2 in TC
The beach is just 5min drive from the house :)

The weather on that morning was rather nice :)

Rachel & Aaron

I love the sea breeze! :D

Junie & Abigail
I guess Junie had quite a lot of fun that morning...though she got kinda sun-burnt :P Same goes to my sister & Abigail...lobsters man :D

Date: 28 December 2008, Sunday
Venue: Mr Specky Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Beserah, Kuantan
Occasion: Dinner with chi-chi Evelyn & family

Rachel Gai & I
Thank you for the dinner, zha-bo! Great meeting up with you again!!

My forever lovelies Abigal & Nichol
These are my 2 dearest girls :) Life was very different after I came to know them while I was in Kuantan (3 years ago). I'll SO miss them!!

That's all the photos I have for now. I'll upload more when I get hold of the rest of the photos! Stay tuned & have a great year ahead!!

- Ruth


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