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>> Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thousand apologies to our dear readers!

I've been terribly busy with work the past couple of weeks... *sigh* The year is approaching its end & the projects that I'm involved in are in their peaks! *wergh* Sometimes I feel that I've been lacking in thankfulness for my job, my work... especially during this economic downturn, so many people are losing their jobs, while I still have a job that pays my bills & gives me some sense of satisfaction - socially, financially... *bah*

I've decided to give some touch-ups to the photos that I post up on this site....gives me more satisfaction when I look back at the things that I post up :P Here it goes!

Hahaha...just the signature part that's touched up :P

Food Variety
Taken during the recent Sundowner...these are some photos that I didn't manage to post up as they were taken by AC :)

The food weren't that nice lor...cold-cold, hard-hard wan :(

Soon, The Ruthless Eaters will do a major touch-up on this blogsite...we're in the midst of settling it :P Stay tuned with us ;)

- Ruth


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