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Greetings from Kulim! :)

>> Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hi everyone! Sorry for MIA for sucha long time. It has been months since I last login here. Ruth has done a very very good job in maintaining this site, while I'm busy trying to settle done in this new place. It has been 4 months since I move up to Kulim and I'm not done settling down yet...*shame*:P

Kulim is a small little town located at the South East of Kedah state, in northern Malaysia. Many have been asking me "What on earth a KL gal like you doing here in Kulim??"...Well, I'm not sure myself -.-" It all started when my company decided to move the office from Cyberjaya to Kulim almost half a year ago. Then everything started to be complicated where I have to settle my personal stuffs in KL, move up, settle down in my 1st house here, resume my job in a totally new environment and new colleagues, trying to get around the town for foods and groceries without getting lost, finding ways to get back to KL during weekends at least once every 2 weeks (bus, plane, carpool..i tried it all :P), moving to a new house after 3 months and have to worry about getting the phone line, internet etc, trying to survive for few days without electricity and being alone in the new house when the new house's underground electrical wiring got bitten by termites -.-", my laptop hard disk drive got corrupted and I lost all my precious data and photos *sob*...but thanks god..I'm still surviving and everything seems to be better now *phew!*

Kulim houses many multinational companies like First Solar, Infineon, Silterra, Intel in its very own hi tech park (2nd hi tech park in Malaysia). Kulim is connected to Butterworth and Penang (45 minutes away) via BKE Expressway with 2 tolls that cost RM1.6o each. There are few residential areas nearby Kulim Hi-Tech Park but it is difficult to find food there. Other nearby housing areas where more people prefer to stay in are Lunas and Taman Selasih, where there are more shops, restaurants and more happening there.

Kulim Hi-Tech Park

Housing area in Kulim Hi-Tech Park

Paddy field :)

There are few interesting eateries here in Kulim and nearby town like Bukit Mertajam etc. I've been to few of the recommended ones but all the photos I took got lost after my hdd crashed. I'll try to visit those places again and post those entries here soon. Penang and Pulau Pangkor posts coming up next. Stay tuned! :)



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