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Strange Food from All Over the World?

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

I came across this interesting article online on strange food around the world...I found it quite amusing...so here's to share it with you all! :P I've included my own comments in blue fonts! *lol*

Africa - blood fresh from living livestock, grasshoppers, okra, fufu, gari
Agentina - Morcillas
Alaska - blubber, stinkheads
Australia - Vegemite, Marmite, kangaroo, witchety grub, beetroot [Ruth: Vegemite & Marmite is weird??!]
Brazil - gari
Burma - a MAE oo, ngapi-jaw
Canada - sugar pie, poutine, orielles de Christ [Ruth: Ok...sugar pie sounds nice...but why is it deemed weird?]
Central Asia - kumiss (fermented mare's milk), yogurt, sheep fat [Ruth: yogurt is weird?! Eek...]
China - bird's nest soup, sea cucumber, jellyfish, rat, snake, drunken shrimp, jelled blood, bear paws, cho do fu, tiger testicles, owl soup, thousand-year eggs, sa kuo yu toe, fish flotation bladder, bao bing (shaved ice), pork uterus, camel (and cow) tendons, oyster sauce [Ruth: Wah...I do eat some of the delicacies listed here le...bird's nest is good!! Sea cucumber, jelly fish...century egg...oyster sauce!! Gosh...perhaps I'M weird too!!]
Denmark - yule brod (ale brod) skipsol
England - warm beer, blood pudding, jellied eels, Spotted Dick, liver and lights, kidney pie, brawn
France - escargot, tripe, frog's legs, bleu cheese, roquefort, steak tartare, brains, truffles, camel's feet, boudin
Germany - limburger, bierkase, blutwurst
Greece - retsina
Hawaii - poi, SPAM Musubi
Hong Kong - monkey brains
Iceland - hakarl
Indonesia - blachan, dog-meat restaurants
Italy - Cynar and Campari liqueurs, carpaccio, cibreo, song birds, gorgonzola
Japan - fugu, natto, sashimi, shiokara, tofu, miso, uni, mountain potato, seaweed, takosu, takoyaki, tempeh, crickets, unagi [Ruth: I love sashimi, tofu, miso, seaweed, takoyaki, tempeh, & unagi...they aren't weird!]
Korea - kim chee, silk worm grubs [Ruth: I've eaten BOTH of these! The silk worm grubs was rather difficult to get it down my throat :S]
Malaysia - ice kachang (SHAVED ICE) [Ruth: *speechless*]
Mediterranean - Sheep's head. The whole thing, cooked and skinned. Includes the eyeballs. Cheese (what a concept!) octopus, cicada, octopus and squid in ink
Mexico - tequila worms, menudo, habanero & jalapeno peppers, mole, chichirrones (CHITTERLINGS), ceviche
Netherlands - salted horsemeat sandwiches, raw salted herring, peanut butter sauce on french fries [Ruth: Peanut butter sauce on french fries!! I wanna try!!]
Norway - lutefisk
Papua-New Guinea - sago worms
Philippines - baalut, bagong (fish paste), diniguan
Russia - borscht, kvass, caviar
Sardinia - maggot-cheese
Scotland - haggis, Irn Bru
Sicily - ricci di mare
Southeast Asia - durian, fermented fish-paste, dog meat, snakes, ngapi-jaw, bull penis, sour candies [Ruth: Durian's gooood! I don't think sour candies are weird... :( Me like it]
Southern India - blazing curry
Spain - criadillas, morcillas European Jews schmaltz, gefilte fish, kishke
Sweden - sylta (head cheese)
Thailand - kapi, grasshoppers
Tibet - yak milk (rancid), tea with yak butter
U.S. East - souse, pork loaf
U.S. in general - Spam, chewing gum, iceberg lettuce, bread, beer [Ruth: Who came out with this list?? That person's weird! These are yummy stuff!!]
U.S. Midwest - White Castle Sliders, Jell-O Salad, fruitcake, American Cheese Food Product, such as Velveeta, in Fried Cheese Balls, Cincinnati Greek Chili
U.S. Northeast - scrapple, cod liver oil, pumpkin pie, raw oysters, lobster, fiddlehead ferns
U.S. Northwest - geoduck clams
U.S. South - grits, crawfish, hog maws and snouts, etc dropped fowl, chicken feet, chitterlings, iced tea, ramps, turkey deep-fried whole (fried EVERYTHING) chicken-fried steak
U.S. West - prairie oysters, fried pork rinds, blood-rare steak, rattlesnake

I really find the list above very, very funny! Madness...I wanna try all of it, if I can!...though some really 'euuww' me out...hahaha...

- Ruth


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