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Restoran Dragon One, SS2

>> Monday, October 6, 2008

Date: 5 October 2008
Venue: Dragon One, SS2
Occasion: Lunch with church friends
Overall comment: I reckon the variety of food is quite good & the taste is nice as well. There are some dishes which are interesting/new, while there are some common Taiwanese ones. The price of the food is also reasonable for the portion served. The only set back is the service, which was rather slow. Apart from that, I reckon this is a place that I would go back again :)

p/s: I couldn't really get any other photos, so here's my portion only... I didn't have my camera with me :(

Apple Jasmine Tea (RM4.50)

Stir Fried Rice Flour Roll in Spicy Sauce (RM4.50/plate)
The taste is actually quite nice...it reminds me of the fried radish cake ("char kuey kak"/"char tau kuey"). The dish contains rice flour rolls (like 'chu cheong fun'), eggs, fried shallots, fried garlic, & chilli. The serving is rather small though, but hey, just check out the price you pay...it's equivalent anyways ;)

Dragon One Restaurant
Jalan SS2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Opens: Tuesdays - Saturdays (12.00pm - 10.30pm), Public holidays (10.00am - 10.30pm)
Closes: Every Monday

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * * *
Environment: * * * *
Taste: * * * *


- Ruth


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