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Official Visitation to Kuantan Wesley's MYF

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Date: 17-19 October 2008
Venue: Kuantan Wesley/Kuantan
Occasion: Official visitation to the youth group in Kuantan Wesley under TRAC MYF
Note: I'll upload the pics soon once I get it from CS, who's my faithful Personal Assistant!

The main purpose of going to Kuantan last weekend was to visit the youth group in Kuantan Wesley. I'm a committee member of the national-level Trinity Annual Conference (English-speaking) Methodist Youth Fellowship (TRAC MYF) body. This committee oversees the Methodist youth groups in Malaysia - find out how they're doing, assist them in overcoming the struggles they go through....etc. One of the 'tasks' that we carry out as a committee is to go around Malaysia, visiting the youth groups. We certainly couldn't finish visiting all of them, there are at least 34 Methodist youth groups all over Malaysia! All 5 of us committee members are stretched out in some way or another. We have other commitments, & to go around Malaysia while at the same time we're students/working adult (I'm the only working one... =.=") isn't something easy.

Anyways, the visit to Kuantan was a very refreshing one. Only 3 of us committee members could make it for this visitation. LC is in Penang & is heading some blood donation campaign for the hospital that he's attached to, while ST has some conference by her uni to attend. It's JO's & CS's first time in Kuantan, & my, they are sure excited :)

I brought them to the beach where CS could take all the photos that he wants & we had cendol, nasi dagang, & ikan bakar as well. There wasn't enough time to try out other food stuff before & after our 'duty'! Haha...there'll be more opportunities in the future :)

Overall, we had a great time there with the youths, catching up with friends, & for me - spending some time with my families there as well.

Some photos that I took with my own camera:

Date: 17 October 2008, Friday
Venue: Crocodile Rock, Lorong Kubang Buaya, Kuantan (along the way to Teluk Cempedak beach)
Occasion: Dinner with AP
Halal: Yes
Overall comment: It's a very nice place to dine :) Ambiance is very warm, cosy & homey (no, it's not the humid warm...haha). Prices of food there is quite reasonable too :) The taste of food there is also quite nice, depending on what you order. The pizza there is quite nice :)

Guava Juice

Sunset Delight Pizza
Thin crust topped with chunky assortment :P Me likey...it could do with more cheese! I like the taste of the sauce...yums! Oh ya...AP thought it's called Sunset Special, that's why we ordered it...but I feel that it's called Sunset Delight! *lol* If u happen to try this place out & find out what it's called, let me know!

Delicious spaghetti with chicken in tomato cream sauce. It's a very simple pasta, but yummy :)

Date: 18 October 2008, Saturday
Venue: 'a corner coffeeshop opposite Kuantan Specialist Centre in Kuantan Garden/Seri Kuantan' - there's only ONE coffeeshop there...
Occasion: Breakfast with uncle Francis & Phoebe
Overall comment: The curry laksa there was quite nice, especially the yong tau foo pieces! I liked it...but the curry was a bit diluted :( This isn't the best place for curry laksa...the one along Jalan Teluk Sisek, on the way to Teluk Cempedak, same row as Zam Zam mamak, is much better, but by the time we went there, it was sold out! *wow*

Curry Laksa

- Ruth


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