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Trip to Bagan Lalang

>> Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dates: 31 August - 1 September 2008
Destination: Bagan Lalang, Sepang, Selangor
Accommodation: Bagan Villa Resort (opposite the beach)
Purpose: Much-needed family outing :)
Directions to Bagan Lalang: Take either the Putrajaya-KL, ELITE, KESAS, or the LDP highway & head towards KLIA. Look out for the Sepang F1 sign. As you approach the Sepang F1 area, look out for the Hotel Seri Malaysia sign & follow that sign towards Bagan Lalang.

Approaching Bagan Lalang Beach
Along the entire journey to the beach, you'll have to pass through at least 15-20minutes of a "kampung" (village) environment. It's a rathererene "feel"-- totally a get-away from the hustle & bustle of the city :)

The entrance of the budget chalet that we booked (RM75/night)
(fits 4-5 people) Frankly speaking, this isn't the best option for an accommodation. I wanted to book the Bagan Lalang Resort's chalet, but it was fully booked for the weekend. Bummer. Well, it was just ONE night, so it's not TOO bad...unless you're VERY particular, then you could pay around RM70 more to stay at Seri Malaysia

Our chalet (on the right)
From the outside, it surely didn't look bad. What can you expect from a budget chalet anyways...

The inside of the chalet/room
It's seriously like a all-in-one place. The bed is a queen size bed, & could fit 3 of us women quite comfortably (I can't be bothered, really...but my mum & sister had quite a tough time adjusting..hahaha). Next to the bed is the toilet, which does not even come with a basin!! Ergh...my sister was quite eeked out, but the toilet didn't eek me out that much since I've stayed in worse conditions during my uni days. I've even bathed in the jungle without a bathroom!! *sigh* The toilet comes with a squating toilet bowl & a shower without heater

The beach
There were groups of people having camps at the beach area. The beach surely isn't something like those we can get in the east coast of Malaysia, but it's reasonabl nice as it's not very popular nor densely populated :)

The fresh fish market
At the end of the road, there's this fish market that sells fresh-from-the-sea fish & seafood. The prices offered are quite good & the variety is quite an extensive one too. It is recommended that you buy the catch in the evening when the fishing boats just arrive back from their day's work :)

Fresh small flower crabs with roe!!
These are very famous in the village. Most restaurants offer this kind of crabs cooked in various styles. There's not much meat to chomp on, but the freshness of the crabs will keep you asking for more ;)

Spotted Prompfret
This is the first time I saw this sort of fish. It fascinated me much! Hahaha...it's usually fried or cooked with chilli (Malay-style)

Loads of fresh seafood!

My poser sister having my dad's ice kacang (RM2.00)
The ice kacang was good at all. Oh ya, we had it at a Malay stall nearby, which I forgot its name :( It's the stall beside HM Seri Bagan Restaurant.

The so-called 'young coconut' (RM2.50)
We got conned!! No wonder it's so cheap...this is an old coconut & it's so difficult to scrape out the coconut's flesh :( Worse still, the restaurant ppl added sugar/syrup into the coconut water...bleagh...

Nasi Goreng USA (RM4.50)
I've no idea what it means by USA fried rice...it doesn't look anything like the US, for sure. My sister's bf ordered this & he commented that the dish was quite oily & didn't taste that nice. Hmm...seems like this stall ain't that excellent or more like far from excellent! *huff*

At the beach after our min tea-time...

Young boy fishing
It just fascinated me to see a young boy fishing :P So cute...teehee...he had 2 sisters with him, but they ran off to see their dad's/uncle's catch nearby

Family photo
This is like the 1st family photo posted onto this blog! Wah...such a historical moment!! Hahaha...

Another family photo
It's just been TOOOOO long since my family went out on an outing/trip together...I reckon it's been almost 10 years! Bah. I'm very very glad & thankful for this short, but memorable & fun trip :) *melts*

The sea when the sun shone on it
I love the sight of the sea/waters when the sun shines onto it...the sparkles are really pretty!! The sea breeze was soo good that it reminds me of Kuantan once again! ERgh...I wish WA was around to enjoy this with us!

Happy dad
My dad was kinda thrilled when he got hold of a hermit... I guess it's been ages since he held one...hahaha...

'Small boy' dad
He was really having a fun time catching small crawly creatures from the shallow waters. It's very good to see him enjoying himself :)

After walking at the beach in the evening & resting/washing up after that, we headed off for dinner...

HM Seri Bagan Restuarant
This is the recommended restaurant around this area. It offers good seafood cooked mostly in Malay-style. The seafood cooked are very fresh as well :P Yums!

Otak-otak (RM0.60/piece)
Nicely bbq-ed strips of marinated fish wrapped in pandan leaves

The inside of the otak-otak
The otak-otak is nice, but I still think that the Muar ones are best :P

Drinks-- Sirap Limau Ais & Teh 'O Ais Limau
The drinks were quite nice & refreshing :) Not too sweet :P

Bamboo Lala cooked with Chilli/"Pepahat masak Cili"
This is a very popular dish in Bagan Lalang & it's not very expensive as well. The recommended style of cooking is this "masak cili" style. The gravy consists of chilli, onions, garlic, & eggs. It's quite delicious & not very spicy.

Flower Crabs in Lemongrass Soup/"Ketam Bunga masak Sup Serai"
This is a very fragrant, though slightly oily style to enjoy the flower crabs. There are other styles as well, but I think this is the recommended style.

Three Flavoured Fish [Siakap]/"Ikan Masak Tiga Rasa"
The fish is deep fried with some batter til golden brown before the gravy is is poured on top of it. The gravy is sweet, sour, & spicy, which is how its name came about. I reckon this was one of the better dishes as the fish was really fresh :)

Stir-fried Kangkung with Belacan
Surprisingly, this dish came with some prawns & squid! Mmm...it's quite nice, though not excellent

Stir-fried Kailan with Salted Fish/"Kailan Ikan Masin"
This is certainly not 'kailan'...it's 'choy tam'! But I've no idea why they served this veggie as a 'kailan' veg. Haha...it's not too bad though, but the authentic 'kailan' would go better with salted fish than the 'choy tam'

BBQ Prawns/"Udang Bakar"
I feel that this is the best dish overall. The freshness of the prawns is SO tasted in every single bite :P *crunch crunch crunch*

Mum & I at the restaurant
Sunset from the restaurant
The restaurant is halfway out on the beach/sea. It's a very soothing & calming place to dine. The sound of the crashing waves accompany you during your meal! The plus point is the sunset!! *melts again*

The pretty sky view

After dinner, we went to the beach to laze around & enjoy the sea breeze again...

Night view of the beach
It's a little too dark to take any good photos with a low-end camera :P

Stalls along the beach
There were stalls selling all sorts along the beach. You'll be able to find from clothes, watches, ornaments, kites, to sweets, burgers, & a variety of food

Dad & I

Dad & mum

Dad, mum, sister's bf, & I going crazee

After all the fun, we went back to the chalet & called it a night. The next day started early in the morning for my parents (they went walking at the beach! without us all!! wah...so 'romantic'!! *lol*), while the kids (us) woke up around 8am...:P We went for breakfast at a food court/meda selera in Sungai Pelek, the nearest town with Chinese food (near Public Bank), & after that went back to the beach to have loads of fun!

We managed to catch some little fishes, which the locals call "ikan duit" (money fish) & my sister caught some baby mud skippers too! Teeheehee...it was a worthwhile trip, though it's a rather short one. I look forward to more of such outings again!!



Pete September 2, 2008 at 9:41 PM  

Might be back there to dig for some clams!

Calvin Soo KJ September 4, 2008 at 3:24 PM  

aww....your family's so cute. btw, thanks for dropping by the hospis. rach was grumbling that she could not hang out with you. she's now flying to taiwan with her family. left me all alone at home...sobsob. when's your next trip here? and mom didnt give you the bali bag rite? she tua already lar.....cant remember that much things d......cheers and god bless

Lil Tikus September 5, 2008 at 9:40 AM  

Gosh, you guys ate so much for dinner!

Sounds like you all had a good time. :)

Send my regards to your family.

PerutBesi September 6, 2008 at 10:56 PM  

Ruth to Calvin: Hey bro!! I miss u all LOADS! I was lookin forward to spending time wif Rach too, but ah well, I'm very sure there are more opportunities to do so :) yeah, the bag is still wif ur mum :P It's ok la, I'm confirmed goin to Ktn in October. Will contact u all then! Take care!! *hugs*

PerutBesi September 6, 2008 at 11:04 PM  

Ruth to Me: Hsu-ee, is that u?? Hahaha...my family could surely eat a lot :P *ahem ahem* I guess I'm one of the biggest eaters...haha...we sure had a great time :) Send my regards to ur family too!!

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