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Foot, not Food!

>> Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are you wondering why the PerutBesi duo has been so silent for the past couple of days? *teehee*

Anne told me to share this piece of news to all of you out there, just to make sure that you won't think this blog is 'dying' :D

Ruth wanted to enter the Olympics so badly that even after the Olympics fever that everyone had, she was still trying hard to practice (gymnastics) for the next Olympics 2010 in London...hahaha....ok, ok, lame jokes aside.

Last Wednesday evening, Ruth off-balanced, & fell down, spraining her left foot, & leaving her in great pain after that. *sigh* I was basically rushing back after work as it was getting late & the sky was about to 'cry'. I parked the car at the open car park area opposite my office, & I had to walk through some bushes & rocky path before reaching the main road of 2 lanes each side to get to the car park. Sounds far eh? Hahaha...

I had my laptop on my left & was walking down the rocky path, when I off-balanced, fell, & injured my leg. Bah. I was wearing low-heels la...sigh...instead of getting back early, I ended up trying hard to walk to the car & drive back to the house. My left foot was swollen quite badly...

Comparison of my left foot with my right foot
It doesn't look THAT bad from this photo, but it sure IS painful!!

I applied those Chinese ointment that my housemate has for such cases & rubbed the bruise/swell as hard as I could withstand. I felt that my foot looked like pig's troter!! Ergh...the worse & most painful thing was when the doctor rubbed the affected area (the next day after I fell). I shouted/screamed so loud that I reckon not only the clinic, but the ground floor ppl in my office heard it *super pai se*

*sigh* Thus, I've been pretty much home-bounded & didn't really get to go anywhere for good food. I'll cook dinner on most nights (yeah, although my foot was injured, I could still drag myself around & prepare meals la...) & for lunch, I'll end up just tagging along my colleagues wherever they go.

I'll do my best to keep this blog updated with information. 'Til the next post, stay tuned with us!

- Ruth


Anonymous September 7, 2008 at 2:47 PM  

Ruth..u never mention the part where you felt like slapping the doc :P hehe..j/k. Hope you get well soon! Take care :)

Pete September 8, 2008 at 12:10 PM  

Aiyo, bengkak like mi ku lorrr! Hope it heal soon.

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