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Mooncake Festival Celebration

>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

Venue: 6th aunt's house
Occasion: Mooncake Festival
Agenda: Just gather, fellowship, eat mooncake accompanied by Chinese tea, light lanterns!

"Mooncake festival, also known as Mid-Autumn Festival or Lantern Festival, is a time when children run around with colorful lanterns and families gather for some delicious mooncakes filled with sweet or savory fillings. It is the only time of the year when children are allowed to stay up late and play with colorful lanterns. Some carry colored lanterns in the shape of animals and their favorite cartoon character, while others carry traditional round paper lanterns that are usually used as decoration. Many children are also seen carrying battery operated plastic lanterns which many adults feel are safer." - taken from The History of Mooncake Festival

Here's what my family did....

Pretty paper lanterns!!

Table full of mooncakes, tea, & ...what's the English liquor doing on the table??!

Contemporary: Fancy any strange-looking mooncakes?
Chocolate mooncake & Shanghai-style mooncake

Traditional: Still prefer such mooncakes?
This is the usual lotus paste mooncake...but with pandan essence :P

Star of the night: My niece!
We call her Ting Ting...so cute right??

My 6th uncle with the kiddo :P

My 6th aunt & Ting Ting....so happy...

My mum (7th sister) & the star of the night :P

There's still 1 more photo to upload, but I don't have it in this laptop now :P I'll upload it soon! I had a great time with my cousins, uncles & aunts, & the kiddo...it's not very often that we get to come together for such quality fellowship. I'm very thankful for family!!

Make sure you treasure your families too no matter what happens!


- Ruth & Anne


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