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Weekend in Ipoh

>> Monday, August 18, 2008

This was one of the best weekend that I've had for quite some time :) I was in Ipoh Wesley for the TRAC MYF's Worship & Music Workshop (15-17 august 2008), whereby a team of musicians shared their knowledge & experience in playing different instruments & playing in the band with a group of 40 youths all over Perak. The youths came from Ipoh itself, Sitiawan, Teluk Intan, & Taiping.

Although we have no doubts that it was a tiring 2 1/2 days in Ipoh, yet, all I could say is that all glory & thanks be to God for the awesome time there! A good number of us is currently suffering from 'Post-Camp Syndrome'...hahaha...it happens almost every time when we leave the camp site. I didnt' get to know every participant there, but I still do miss them nonetheless :)

Here are some pics taken with the people (more pics to come..especially the group pics!!):

With the Teluk Intan youths

With the Taliban, AP

With my 'other sister', PT from Kuantan Wesley, & RY from Kepong Wesley

All Girls (facilitators)

And now, for the food...

I went out with WY & CQ on Saturday when the participants had their workshops (I wasn't involved in any workshops :P) WY took CQ & I for a good cuppa Ipoh white coffee in Ipoh Garden. I wouldn't say that it's the best (apparently Nam Heong in Old Town, Ipoh is the best), but it's certainly good :) We went to this coffeeshop called Restaurant & Cafe New Weng Fatt.

Ipoh White Coffee in Ipoh Garden
Nice & frothy, the coffee tasted quite smooth...but somehow the fragrance of the coffee is not as 'powerful' as the Kemaman coffee

We had lunch after church on Sunday at this really packed coffeeshop called Kong Heng, in Ipoh Old Town. The food here is apparently good & the variety is "wow" as well :)

This popiah is yummy! I like the skin & the crispy fried drided shrimps+fried onions in the roll :P

Fruit Rojak
Consists of guava, green/young mangoes, turnip, pineapples, & a piece of cracker that is recommended to be eaten with the prawn paste+peanut sauce. Totally yummy :P

Ipoh's famous white coffee
Somehow I feel that this one is not "umph" enough...the one that I had yesterday in Ipoh Garden was way better...more frothy & cremier :) This one tasted like the usual Kopi Peng to me :(

Ipoh's famous steamed chicken with rice flour noodles/rice
I thought this chicken was rather nice, though a little too oily, but the smoothness of the chicken is to be commended :)

Dried 'sah hor fun'/'kuey teow'
This is like the usual sah hor fun, but the best part about this is the 'topping' on the noodles! The noodles comes with bits of chicken floss! *mmm*

Soup 'sah hor fun'
It's recommended that if you have the Ipoh Chicken Rice/Sah Hor Fun, you take the soup one. It tastes more authentic than the dry one :P

Chicken Satay
This is one of the better satays that I've ever tasted...the best part is that you can get this satay in the daytime! Hahaha...it's rare that you'll find satay before 5pm in Malaysia. The peanut sauce was also really nice...sadly, I was too full to finish up everything :S

After lunch, we headed to get the famous salted chicken! It's a must have, if you're a fan of salted chicken!!

Ipoh's Famous Salted Chicken (RM16/chicken)
Just check out the amount of chicken in the shop!! This is the more famous shop & I can testify that it IS indeed very tasty! They use 'kampung chicken' instead, so it's not so fat, & the meat is just nice! A must try if you're in Ipoh!!

The shop
It's smacked right in the middle of town near the 'Padang Besar Ipoh'

The chicken...
It has herbs & is best eaten hot/steamed :) This pic is certainly not the best...cos we started on it before I took the pic...hahaha

Home-made Pineapple Tart
This was specially given to us by Aunty Judy, a church member who bakes lovely pineapple tarts :P Just check out the details on the tart!! *faints*

I look forward to the next time the whole group of us meet up again! It's really very rare that we can get together for such an event. I guess the next large-scale event that we'll meet in will be in December! *woohoo!!*



Wendee August 19, 2008 at 12:26 AM  

I really cant wait for the year-end camps! Hope I can go though. No holidays la. haha

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