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>> Friday, August 15, 2008

I'll be in Ipoh this weekend for a workshop with a bunch of friends -- we're the facilitators :) In a way, I'm very excited to be on my way to Ipoh (just imagine the travel, fun, & food!!), but on the other hand, a teeney-weeney bit of me is concerned 'bout work...believe it or not.

I'm still lingering on the fact that my life relies sooo much on the internet, particularly the wireless networks! Just imagine, without the wireless network, I won't be able to blog & do all that I enjoy doing online!

Just yesterday, I was at a bus terminal in KL, waiting for my friends to arrive from Kuantan, & I had my laptop. I was just too bored waiting for them, so I pulled out the laptop, thinking of playing some games that I could find in my computer....and voila! "Wireless connectivity available"!! *fuyoh!* Msn came up, movies came up, & I was kept well-entertained :P

Currently, I'm at the hospital for some follow-up, & since yesterday, I learnt the lesson to bring my laptop around :D You'll not believe it that there's FULL BAR wireless connectivitiy in the hospital itself as well!! *faints in surprise* It's SO amazed & excited!

In an hour's time, I'll be leaving to Ipoh! Ah....it'll be another exciting weekend!! *claps & dances in delight* ;) I'll do my best to do a 'coverage' on good food stuff in Ipoh for you all! Stay tuned ;)

- Ruth


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