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Mission to Kuantan

>> Saturday, August 23, 2008

For the entire week, I was extremely excited about heading back to Kuantan for the weekend. In fact, I was so excited that I went even more bonkers than I already am! It's seriously strange cos I was only in Kuantan for 3 years, no more, no less! I reckon its the warmth of family-&-friends life that I have found, that makes me feel so 'at home' in a foreign land :)

I told my close friend that I'll be in Kuantan to "kill 100 birds with 1 stone" -- I just wanted to get SO many things done while I'm here!

1. Spend time with the Tans, especially Abigail
2. Spend time with the Ngs & Soos
3. Spend time with Anne
4. Spend time with CS & WA
5. Watch Wall-E with Abigail & company
6. Meet up with my uni friends at the convocation & take photos with them
7. Eat all the good food I can & go to as many places as I could, especially the beach!

Ok, I know that's like A LOT to be done within 2 days here...hahaha...*excited*

The entire journey on the bus was a rather relaxing one. I slept through & woke up feeling a lil fuzzy upon arriving at Terminal Makmur, Kuantan. CS was there to pick me up & we went for a drink at Zam Zam near my Kuantan house with WA, who met up with us there. It was CS's first time meeting WA & vice versa, so I found it rather interesting how our entire meet-up carried on :P It was good, really. CS finds both WA & I are rare species of homosapiens *lol*

Today was D-day! It's the day where I will carry out all 7 of my planned agendas!! Woohoo!

Anne & WL picked me up from my house & we headed over to Dewan Jubli Perak for the after-convo photo-taking session :P We felt a bit out of place....and there were so many people whom we met, but we have forgotten their names!! "Hi!...Hi!...Hi!.." Seriously, not meeting a person for a long time is bad for our brains! Hahahaha....

Here are some photos taken after the convocation:

SW & I- SW's my uni mate & ex-roomie in Cyberjaya :P I love u, Wen! *teehee*

Anne, YK, & I

KC & I- Just check out his bouquet of soft toys!!

My Student Council 'siblings' during my Student Council days in 2005/06

SW, Anne, myself, & CL - we were all roomies before...

Anne, HT, & I - HT was my 1st year uni roomie. She & my other roomies were of great help in helping me to improve in speaking mandarin :P

What's next, if it's not makan! We headed off to Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant in Padang Lallang, near Tanjung Lumpur. I would recommend this place although it's slightly difficult to locate (since it's hidden amongst the many car workshops & factories). This restaurant is famous for the shark meat....really...it actually tastes good! Well, if you eat shark's fin, you have no reason to not eat shark's meat. If you don't eat shark's fin, eating shark's meat ain't being cruel, you know. I mean, those jokers have killed the shark by cutting off their fins already, so eating the meat is just not-putting-the-meat-to-waste.

(I'll upload the map of this restaurant later :P)

Boiled sugar cane drink (RM1.80/bottle)
Kuantan serves their herbal drink/"leong cha" in glass bottles! :) One bottle can fill up 2.5 cups :)

Deep-fried "Hong Jou"(I think it's Red Snapper...or some red fish la) served with fried ginger, oil, & soya sauce(RM11.00)
The fish tastes really good, but it's just a little small in portion for 3 persons & a tad dry, but it's actually delicious :) I like the fried ginger shreds & the "homey" taste of the oil & soya sauce that goes well with white rice! :P

Deep-fried Squid with Nestum (RM8.00)
I felt that this dish is very nice too. I like the Nestum that goes very well with the squid, & the batter is not too thick like most places :)

Stir-fried Young French Beans with Dried Shrimps (RM7.00)
Crunchy young french beans always puts a smile on my face :P The fragrance of dried shrimp makes the simple dish even more yummy :)

Anne & I - It's been ages since we met up & took a photo together!! We miss each other SOOOO much!!!

Hunt for Food
Anne found out from the internet 'bout one stall selling 'Malay kuih' (Malay dumpling/dessert) at Tanjung Lumpur. Apparently, this stall is quite popular here, so we decided to hunt for it :P (it's been SO long since we've done such a thing together!!!) All we knew was that the stall is in Tanjung Lumpur! We have no idea where exactly it is!! Hahaha...

But we found it!

Mok Naa, Tanjung Lumpur
This place is well-known for its keropok lekor (chewy fish cracker, only found in the East Coast), & other assortments like curry puffs, traditional Malay dumplings/"kuih", & nasi dagang

Piping hot keropok lekor & fried fish + fried prawns on a stick

The assortment of traditional Malays kuih

Time with Family
Basically, after buying the keropok & curry puffs, Anne sent me back & she left for Kulim again (aaww...I'll miss her!). I spent my time at home with the family, taking silly photos with my 'siblings' :P

(photos taken with my laptop's camera & sharpened :D)

Making silly faces with Abigail

With the rest of my 'siblings', Tiffanie, Phoebe, & Abigail

I love my Kuantan family :P It feels really nice to be reunited somehow :p Abishua, we miss u!!!

I'll post up more photos once I'm done with dinner later :P Stay tuned!

Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant
A-5, Lorong Padang Lallang 2
Padang Lallang
25250 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur.
Telephone: 609-517 8619
Handphone: 6012-955 0395 (Cheah Kue Hai)

Opening Hours
11.00am to 3pm and 6.00pm to 11.00pm

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * *


- Ruth


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