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>> Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Venue: Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa
Date: 27 August 2008, Tuesday
Occasion: Aunt had complimentary 1 night stay at the Deluxe Chalet

[27th august 2008] I'm too lazy to write... I'll just let the photos do some talking... when I feel like writing again, I'll write :P

(photos taken are not of great quality :( )

[28th August 2008] It was a rather usual day yesterday until my aunt called me on my cellphone. I was wondering what's up this time around 'til she told me that she's in Cyberjaya at that time! Wow. I couldn't believe my ears... "my aunt? In Cyberjaya?? So far from home?? Amazing..."

Aunty Anne told me that she has a complimentary 1 night stay at the chalet in Cyberview Lodge & she was with Aunty Helen (a.k.a. Lt Helen to me), enjoying their 'holiday' for a night; she invited me to join them. Oh, how can I decline such a juicy offer?? Without hesitating, I told her that I will go over after work & join them for the night...

I'm a total "cave woman". Escaping from the apartments to stay at a posh chalet is like "heaven" to me *lol* I was SUPER exicted, or more like estatic, even more when I entered the chalet itself & found out that I could also use whatever facilities there....woohoo! My 1-night of indulging in goodness...I really thank God & my aunty Anne for this opportunity!!

In front of the lobby

The garden
It's actually very pretty, but I couldn't capture its beauty on mere screen :(
The architecture of the building is very Malay/Balinese

The Spa
The inside is has a very 'calm & soothing' feel. The ladies there took us for a tour around the spa & those staying in the resort can utilize the jacuzzi & gym for free! You'll need to pay for the spa & massages though ;)
Our Chalet :)
The beds!!! Super nice...feather pillows some more!
32" LCD TV, computer with internet access & all sorts of chat applications, wireless connectivity too!!
The pretty bathroom
The lovely shower!
The Patio
Our Fruit Feast! Super nice :P
Out at the patio with my aunt & her friend, who was my lieutenant when I was a cadet!!

It's just awesome to be treated to such luxury, even if it's just ONE night, on a weekday! Ah...it's a mini-retreat for me...hahaha...plus I got to go swimming in the morning before I left for work the next day!! Woohooo!!

- Ruth


Anonymous August 27, 2008 at 11:46 PM  

Ive read this topic for some blogs. But I think this is more informative.

PerutBesi August 28, 2008 at 1:05 PM  

Hi there....thanks for the comment :) I haven't really written anything for this post, but seems like the photos did "speak" out quite loudly after all ;)

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