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Farewell & welcome lunch

>> Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I know it's quite odd to have both the contrasting occassions at the same time & place, but I thought it'll be easier to just plan ONE lunch & settle both the events together :P

It's madness...I ended up organizing lunch for 21 people (there were more than 21 in the invitation list, but only 21 can make it), & I even called to book the place & dishes! "Keng" le... we ended up at Ma Poh Seafood Restaurant in Taman Equine, Serdang.

ST just came on board our company & is in the same team as AL & gang, while BT is leaving the organization. It's a slightly disturbing event since we're talking about an addition to the group & a subtraction as well. Although it may sound as if things were balanced up, in actual fact, it's not. Nevertheless, everyone really enjoyed the meal & the fellowship :)

"Chow Sap Lai Yau Kai" (Wet-style Butter Chicken) RM15/medium servingThe taste of this dish is not too bad. It has a fragrant smell & taste of butter with curry leaves, drizzled on pieces of fried chicken

"Chui Hao Taufu" (Crispy-Fried Beancurd) RM10/medium serving
Everyone had a hard time deciphering what this was…hahaha…it’s beancurd mixed with fish paste, I reckon. It sure looks good, but it can do with more beancurd & less flour/batter

"Mong Gu Pai Kuat" (Mongolian-style Pork Ribs) RM15/medium serving
Some find the taste of this dish strange…they just can’t figure out what’s in it! The meat was a little tough, but on the overall, it’s not too bad. The gravy has a bit of black pepper & I think it has tomato sauce of some sort too…not really sure of this, but it’s an interesting dish

"Kangkung Malaizhan" (Stir-fried Kangkung with Belacan) RM8/medium serving
Ah Foo & QQ said it doesn’t taste like Belacan Kangkung! Not spicy enough la…and perhaps the Belacan is not a very high-class one :P

"Kwai Dau Mui + Lou Shon Chow Ha Mai" (Stir-fried Young French Beans & Asparagus with Dried Shrimps) RM12/medium serving
This is a rather interesting combination of veggie. I actually ordered the young French beans, but they didn’t have enough for 2 tables, so the boss person who talked to me suggested to mix the beans with asparagus. Not too bad :)

"Mamit Ha Kau" (Marmite Prawns without Shell) RM30/medium serving
I find this dish too expensive for the portion served, but no one have any complains on the prawns thugh they did comment on the gravy…"not enough Marmite la!" *lol*

Longan Dessert (on the house)
This was a complimentary dish, on the house. It’s not as if I’m their regular customer/patron, but seems like my visit to the restaurant made some impact…hahaha

After lunch, one of the bosses came over to introduce a Member Card to me. Interesting. “Wah…small restaurant like Ma Poh also can give out member card ar”. They’re part of this program called You Card, & there’s a magazine filled with various restaurants & retailers involved in this program, giving out discounts & the alike to their customers.

Ma Poh gives out 10% discount to the total amount spent on dishes to any of their customers with this You Card (Member Card). Not bad! :D

Check out what I saw in the magazine!! I nearly fainted…

What?? ‘Porn Saloon’???
Sometimes I wonder if the business owners name their businesses with such ‘eye-catching’ names for real or just to attract attention… :S

Member Card! RM9.90/year subscription
I didn’t know that eating at Ma Poh makes a person eligible for a member card! *lol* This is like a general discount card that not only caters to Ma Poh, but to other retailers & restaurants as well. They gave 2 cards to me for a good deal...contra d...didn't need to pay for it cos we spent >RM200 in total for today's lunch :)

You'll be able to find out more about this member card in their website: http://www.youcard.com.my/.

Well, I figure the service is actually good. I reckon I'm now lured to visit the other participating restaurants that I can get a 10% discount or more from the total bill! Hahaha...

If you need more info on this Ma Poh Seafood Restaurant, you'll be able to find it in my previous post: Ma Poh Seafood Restaurant.

- Ruth


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