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"Blind" Lunch Meet Up

>> Monday, August 4, 2008

Ok, Anne will surely make noise when she reads this....hahaha....(I'm always getting myself into all these madness...lol)

I met up with someone whom I have never met before in my entire life for lunch today....yes, it's for real. Hahaha...this is what most people would call a "blind date". Well, in some ways, it's true, but I don't go out on 'dates' (further relationship kinda thingie...) unless I am very sure of it...lol.

Anyways, I met up with CS, a friend of my friend whom I met in Kuantan (yes, it's quite some relation apart) this afternoon for lunch, without knowing what he looks like & how he is *hahaha* All we did was exchange smses...we have not even heard each other's voices, gave a brief description of how we look like, & just planned a place & time to meet. Right. My mum was worried. Like duh....

We met up at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng in 1 Utama & actually spent 1.5hours chatting & eating...not too bad for a 1st meet up ;) Hahaha...interesting eh? My church friends were worried, & smsed me halfway through the lunch appointment to check if I'm doing alright. I love my friends!

I didn't really dare to take out my camera...(I seriously need to consider getting a camera phone!), but I did anyways, just for ONE shot! *rofl* It was interesting & much of a relieve to know that he doesn't mind looking silly, having to dine with someone who takes photos of any food that she sees :D

This is the ONE photo that I took, solely because it was SURPRISING to find out that the glass of drink he ordered was so HUGE! *lol* It's some Green Mango Drink (Rm7.90) & mine is just a simple ice lemon tea (RM3.90)...didn't know what to order d...dun wanna spend too much although lunch was on him...thanks, CS!

The Green Mango drink was sourish, just like green mango, but I'm not sure what the actual taste is like since I ain't the one who drank it :P I reckon I will try it if I go to Wong Kok the next time around!

Just check out the size of the glass! It looks more like a jug of green-colored water to me than a glass of green mango drink!! I reckon it's intended for 2 persons, but my, my, he gulped the entire thing down by himself! *flabbergasted* "Keng" man!

The entire lunch meet up was all good la. At the end of the appointment, both of us found a new friend in each other, & it was indeed a satisfying time of fellowship. No regrets :) Thank You, Jesus! (I prayed for a fruitful/good time of fellowship before I arrived at 1 Utama...haha...)

- Ruth


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