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Craving for cakes?

>> Friday, July 11, 2008

Anne just sent me some photos of yummy-looking cakes. I'm not a true cake lover, but looking at those cakes does make my mouth water! :P

These cakes are available at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, & not only is the presentation good, apparently it taste good too :D The total costs was RM48.14 for 6 slices of cakes!! Hmm...I wonder why is there 14 cents... *Ruth wonders...* Strange...but anyhow, it's about the price of cakes from Secret Recipe, slightly smaller, but the variety is much more interesting (and so are the names)!

Profiteroles x2
Carrot & Nut Torte x1
Classic Cheese x1
Triple Chocolate Gateau x2
Total = RM48.14


Carrot & Nut Torte

Classic Cheese

*Dunno what's the name of this so I shall name it...* Strawberry Crunch

Triple Chocolate Gateau

Try it if it you're a cake lover! (and even if you're not!) *wink*

*photos curteousy of Anne's sister

- Ruth


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