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Trip Back to Kuantan

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

It's surely been AGES since I last wrote anything on this site. Really sorry to our dear readers for the period of silence on the blog.

I've been extremely busy lately with a project & I've also been keeping myself busy with some arrangements for a family-friend's wedding back in Kuantan. Anne on the other hand is currently based in Kulim already, & is pretty much in a hair-pulling phase due to her project...lol.
I actually left for Kuantan on Wednesday evening & oh, it was another 'drama' in life :S ... here goes the story...

I've arranged with TL to give me a ride to a train station after work. We were supposed to leave office latest by 6pm. The mad thing(s) about that day (25th June) were:

  1. I had a lot of work to complete before I leave for Kuantan. I took TWO days leave on a peak week...bummer...no choice man...

  2. Servers were down one after another & I just couldn't start on my work until AFTER lunch!! Can you imagine that?? I wasted half the day 'trying' to get things working, but to no avail! *argh!!*
  3. It was Mei's last day with us at ITSC, so we took a 1.5 hours lunch break! Yeah man...when my workload was mountain-high, I still had a 1.5 hours lunch break... *great! :S*

  4. I couldn't complete my work even around 5.30pm!

  5. TL was called into a meeting around 5.40pm!!! Bummer!! Why of all times at 5.40pm when I need to leave by 6pm??? *pulls hair out*

Anyways, I managed to get to Kuantan in time....caught the bus on time (and even had spare time). I was really busy running around helping out with the wedding (from 25th June - 28th June) that I didn't really get to go food-hunting whatsoever. I spent most of my time there finishing up the hand-made guest book for the wedding (more photos will be uploaded later when I get it from the official photographer) & formatting/finalizing the guest list for the wedding dinner. What I kinda regret is that I didn't get to take that many photos while I was there for the wedding since I was helping out here & there *sigh* Oh well...here are 3 photos taken in Kuantan nonetheless...

One of the 'guest books' in the shape of a tree...spray painted the tree myself & did up all the deco too! *faints*

The wedded couple: Rach (good friend) & Calv (family friend)
Flower girls: Phoebe & Nichol, my 2 darlings...kekeke

Although I didn't get to do much while I was there, I'm actually very thankful that I spent quite a lot of priceless time with my 'families' there...plus I also had ONE chance to spend time at the beach with a friend! Nice.

Times spent with family & friends are priceless. I'll keep our readers updated on our 'adventures', so stay tuned!

- Ruth


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