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Ka Fei Dian at Amcorp Mall

>> Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm currently on a 1-week UNIX training at Amcorp Tower. The training is so far so good. The only set-back is that I've done a self-study using the same material provided! *sigh* My PM passed me a thick book on UNIX last December & told me to photocopy it to do a self-study on UNIX. So yeah, I did, & I've covered the basic commands in UNIX & have applied it in my work since January.

Little did I know that this training is also conducted by HP in the CSA Training Center, & it uses the same material as I have back in office! Bummer. Anyways, training aside, back to food :P

It was quite a challenge to find good or reasonably good food in Amcorp Mall. For my first day of training, I had lunch with some of my GT gang members who are also here for the UNIX & Java training, at Ka Fei Dian Kopitiam, ground floor of the mall.

This kopitiam is like any other kopitiam (i.e. Old Town Kopitiam, Kemaman Kopitiam, Uncle Lim's Kopitiam...etc) & serves a variety of Chinese & Malaysian food. The price is surely more expensive as compared to coffeeshops, ranging from RM3.00 - RM15.00 for a meal of either bread, noodles, rice, porridge, & a drink.

I had the Fish Head Mee Hoon, which wasn't to my standard. Haha...yeah, I'm quite particular when it comes to food, whatmore on fish head noodles.

The soup was a tad flat, though it has the fragrance of the sesame seed oil. The mee hoon that they use were the thick ones, but somehow the noodles were not very smooth. The fried fish head (3 pieces only) was alright, but it was a little 'seng' (fishy smell). I felt that it could do with a little bit more salted veggie, less salt & some Chinese rice wine added into the soup! *lol* I'm such a complainer :P

Overall, the place is quite nice for a cup of coffee & toasted bread with butter & kaya. I reckon when it comes to rice & noodles, nothing beats the humble coffeeshops :P

Presentation: * * *
Price: * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * *


- Ruth


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