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ITSC AP Global Employee Awards 2007

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

ITSC Cyberjaya had its Global Employee Awards 2007 event just now. I was really surprised to see the entire cafeteria transformed into quite a pretty 'ballroom'! There weren't that many tables, but each table was nicely covered with a clean, white table cloth & had display ornament on it, with flower petals around. Not too bad.

There were 6 categories for the night, so it didn't take the superiors too long to present it before dinner swept the night off ;) Apart from the club-like lightings, we also had our own ITSC live band serenading us with a few songs & jazzing up the awards night! Nice. I kinda admire the musicians, especially the guitarist & the bassist. Ahh...wish I could play up there as well! Haha...it'll take me a long time before I can be in the position to play :)

Somehow it feels more like a Sundowner (another of ITSC's event that takes place once every few months) than an Awards Night. The sky was just pretty! Was sat outside, facing the sunset *ahh....*

Beautiful sky...and cloud formation! Can you see it...?
Sunset :) Lovely

Anyways, food was quite good. The company catered from some caterer(s), & we had a fusion of Western, Malay, Chinese, & Indian food, accompanied by fruit punch (which was too thick with the concentrated juice) and beer!

Chicken ham, fresh prawns, fresh squid, fresh oysters, German potato salad, cakes (dessert...haha...I just placed all into 1 plate)

More fresh prawns & squid rings

Vegetarian food

Hainanese chicken rice, beancurd sheets, tandoori chicken with yogurt, dry curry squid rings, beef with sweet basil, rendang mutton, Mongolian-style fish fillet

I had a good time with my bunch of buddies too :) Really thank God for them ;)

What a night ;) This is one reason why I love my work. Heh.

- Ruth


sckhsmc2007 May 21, 2008 at 10:04 AM  

Nice food! Been a while since I had hams and prawns with mayo on top of it... =P

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