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Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant

>> Friday, May 30, 2008

Anne & I met up with our uni gang for dinner yesterday. It has been quite some time since we last met (we met up at Bumbu Bali the last time), & meeting up was just awesome :)

We ended up at the Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant at LG2, new wing in Sunway Pyramid. Our initial plan was to have dinner at the Magital Theatre Restaurant (MTR), but it was under construction, so we had to decide on either Pasta de Gohan or Che Go (both serve food at more reasonable prices as compared to the rest of the restaurants around, plus, the gang prefer pasta & Korean food more than others).

This Korean BBQ restaurant serves quite delicious food & the service is nice :) This, I can guarantee it. I'll just let the photos do the talking ;)

What we had -- the Family Set that costs RM138 for 5-6
I felt that it was a good deal cos at the end of the dinner, we were SOOO stuffed although it didn't look as if there were a lot of food :P

The ambiance of the restaurant
It was quite comfortable although it's just sitting on the floor (and dangling your legs under the table :P)

Flavored tea -- Lavender tea (RM5.50/pot - refillable)
This was what Wen had. It was kinda nice :)

Cold Green Tea (RM2.00/glass - refillable)
Really 'kau kau' kinda tea

Neat cutlery!! :P

6 cold side dishes - refillable

Korean rice cake cooked in special spicy sauce & Korean glass noodles
Korean Ginseng Chicken in Soup
This soup is really authentic. You can seriously taste the ginseng! :)

Korean Dumpling in Soup
Seaweed soup with 2 dumplings

White rice (RM2.00/bowl if ordered ala carte)
Korean rice is somewhat similar to Japanese rice. It's a lil sticky, & chewy too!

Rice with veggie, egg, meat, & special spicy sauce served in a hot claypot

Korean Pancake
Pancake with spring onions, carrots, onions,served with a special savory dip
We didn't really fancy this one as it is a lil too thick in texture for our liking
The BBQ pit
BBQ-ing the veggie & mushrooms
The final turn on the BBQ pit! Yums!! This is really good :)

The 3 of us had a surprise indeed...
Happy Birthday (and belated) to Joey, Wen, & Ruth! Thanks loads to Anne, Yo, & Fen for this wonderful surprise :) Love this gang loads!!

See...now you know why Anne & I love food, adventure, & friendship? :) With such friends & wonderful food available, how would we not love these things? Haha...

Stay tuned with The Ruthless Eaters!!

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Environment: * * * *
Service: * * * *
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