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Cameron Highlands (Part 3)

>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is the final part for Cameron Highlands! *yay* The last day of camp was quite a relieve, though in the end, I kinda miss the kids, the cool environment, the people, & all the time I had to have fun! *sigh*

I'll go to Cameron Highlands again! The cool air is too good!!

One of the cutest kids, Shawn :P

Group 1 children- a bunch of energy! Gonna miss 'em quite a bit, especially the girls who were really sweet & nice

Group 2 children- a very challenging group as most of them are quite naughty. Although they were a handful, they were really cute kids nonetheless :)

Guess what I saw in Cameron Highlands?? The UMP bus!! My uni!! I miss uni-life!!

On our way down from Brinchang to head home, aunty Patsy & I stopped at the Cameron Valley: Cameron Bharat Plantation..."the hills are alive...with the sound of music..." :P

Guess who I met at the tea plantation??! Rachel & Shawn!!

Care to have a nice, hot cuppa tea in the cool environment beside the tea plantation? *mmm* Tea, scones, & all food stuff sold here are quite pricey though. Here are some of the items sold there:
  • Fruit Tea (Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Black Currant): RM8.00/pot (S- 2 cups), RM14.00/pot (M- 4 cups), RM18.00/pot (L- 6 cups)
  • Cameron Valley Tea: RM6.00/pot (S- 2 cups), RM12.00/pot (M- 4 cups), RM16.00/pot (L- 6 cups)
  • Hot/Ice Lemon Tea: RM4.00/cup
  • Ice Tea: RM4.00/cup
  • Teh Tarik: RM3.00/cup
  • Scones (set of 2 scones, jam, cream): RM12.00
  • Brownie with ice cream: RM6.00
  • Scottish Short Bread: RM4.00 ...

Tea shop- a box of flavored tea (25-30 teabags) costs RM7.50/box. Prices of tea ranges from RM3.00 - above RM20.00/set...

Found more strange-looking cacti in aunty Patsy's house in Camerons. The flower's quite pretty though :)

Tomatoes anyone?? There are SOO many in her garden!! *drools*

The traffic was quite heavy on our way back to PJ on Monday evening. Both of us were really tired, but we sure had a great time at camp!

These are 2 of the many things that I brought back from Cameron Highlands. You HAVE TO try this when you're in Camerons- pearl sweet corn! The large ones like this costs RM2.50/comb, but it can be eaten raw & it's SUPER sweet!! You can only get this size corns at the first stall opposite Multicrop at Brinchang.

The lady at the pasar malam recommended this tea. She claims it's most fragrant among the many sold like Cameron Valley, Boh...etc.

Ah...finally all 3 posts on Camerons are done! I'm dead tired :S Stay tuned for more food, adventure, friendship!!

- Ruth


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