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Cameron Highlands (Part 2)

>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I reckon this post will show you more flowers than the previous post. Haha... basically, Day 2 at Cameron Highlands was spent indoors with the children, so I didn't have much photos to snap.

We wanted to visit the Boh Tea plantation at Sungai Palas, above Brinchang (where we stayed), but it was just SOOO jammed that we can't get anywhere, so we landed up at the Cactus Point nursery *sigh* I was really disappointed that I can't go to the tea plantation!! :(

One committee member of the camp & a few children made my day :) Thanks for the roses! Pweety... :P

I've no idea what the names of these flowers are. This seem to me like some sort of rose. Haha...

This one looks like a daisy, but I'm not sure what is it at all!

Another pretty flower :)

Lovely pink petunia bush that brightens one's day ;)

Three beautiful blooms in a row

Red Ball Cactus/Moon Cactus in one stretch!

Cactus can look pretty too!
This is a VERY unique flower/plant. It looks like a stiff-pink-feather, but purple flowers grow out of it!

I love this flower best. It's really pretty & perfectly formed! Looks SO plastic/artificial, but it's REAL! Awesome! I think it's a type of rose :)

In Cactus Land :P

Colorful flowers surround me! Makes my day!

Do you feel like you're not on a Food Blog anymore?

Hahaha...food, adventure, friendship - PerutBesi has to live up to its name!! We're not just about food (though that's our main focus), but on adventures that we'd like to share with our dear readers! :)

Stay tuned for Part 3!!

- Ruth


xalimx May 26, 2008 at 8:15 PM  

hye ruth...
still remember me? just wanna ask you something...
you guna camera apa? bape Mp? thanks

PerutBesi May 27, 2008 at 1:59 AM  

Hi Halim!! Good to hear from u :) I use a Pentax camera, 7MP, but I usually put it to 4MP when I snap photos only. Some of the photos that u see here are taken by a friend, who has a DSLR- Nikon.

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