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Cameron Highlands (Part 1)

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This time, I'm not gonna blog bout food, but 'bout travel! I was in Cameron Highlands for Taman Ujong Methodist Church's (Seremban) Family Camp as co-facilitator for the children's sessions. It was a really interesting & challenging experience for me as this is my first time getting involved in planning & conducting sessions for children!

The children range from 4 years old - 12 years old; just knowing their age range scares me to the bone *shivers* Aunty Patsy, the main faciltator, & I had to meet up on 2 occasions just to discuss & plan the activities for the children. It was rather interesting to work with her as she has so much experience with children :) Furthermore, I found out that I actually know her daughters personally as they were in my school & her younger daughter is my friend! Such 'coincidence'.

We left for Camerons late at night on Friday & arrived at Chefoo Methodist Centre around 1.30am. The journey there was really fun & interesting as we go to know each other better & had the opportunity to exchange ideas+share experiences.

Before arriving at Chefoo, we stopped by her husband's house in Camerons to get some stuff & had our little supper in the van! Yums! Dim sum!! *whoot!*

Hmm...I reckon I won't be talking much 'bout the camp on this blog. I'll just post up photos (I've SO many & I can't fit all of 'em in here!!) & share some stories along the way la... :P

Happy kids

Praying kids

Red flowers in a bush...lovely

Passion Fruit ('Buah Cinta' in Malay)

Cameron Apples - tastes like rock melon/honeydew melon

I just can't resist flowers & plants! Went totally bonkers & felt like I'm in some 'wonderland' when I arrived at one of the many nurseries there! *lol*

Fresh flowers for sale!

Rows of cacti too!

Strange but interesting cactus :)

Purple-puffy flowers! I love this loads!!

Sunflowers for sale...really pretty when it's in full bloom eh?

Interesting 'twirly' leaves

Cameron Lemon growing upright! How interesting!

More purple flowers! Sadly I don't know what it's called...

Pretty firey-orange flowers. I think it's some sort of lily, judging by its leaves

Deep purple orchids

After visiting the nursery/flower-crazee place, we went to the pasar malam (night market) & here are some items which I find interesting/amusing/nice/pretty!

Have you seen a Sea Coconut?? I haven't!!

Here's how the inside looks like. They're selling ONE coconut for RM6!! *faints* and there are only 3 fruits in one coconut :S

They're selling these Crystal Guavas, which taste REALLY sweet & has the crunch of an apple, but the fragrance of the guava...a really interesting combination. The price is VERY high as well...one crystal guava costs around RM6!! *faints* I just tasted the sample & walked off...can't afford it & in any case, some people mentioned that it's artificial sweetness

Queer looking pumpkins- for decoration & Buddhist prayer purposes only

Cameron Oranges- looks more like round-lime to me. It's not really sweet, slightly sourish + tasteless, has thick skin like a pomelo's, & looks just like a lime.

Strawberries! Cameron Highlands is famous for these! It's not that cheap though...a box of large ones costs RM15 (1/2 kg or around 17 strawberries only); a box of small/medium ones costs around RM8/box

Fresh vegetables- many stalls sell their vegetables pre-packed into small packets & selling it at less than RM1/pack

Buddha's Finger Fruit - This fruit works well as a medicine. It's good for sore throat & cough :) You'll rarely get to see the fresh fruit elsewhere. The plant looks like a lime plant.

After walking so much, we ended up at a mamak nearby, where I had to order the Strawberry-flavored tea! It's fragrant & a little sweet :) *yums* Lovely. A glass of ice strawberry tea doesn't cost much.

If you're in Cameron Highlands & you happen to be at the Brinchang pasar malam, make sure you buy yourself a packet of fried kuey teow! It's really nice & a big portion like this one costs RM5 only! Not bad!

Strawberry Moment is like Secret Recipe, except that it sells mostly made-from-strawberries food items :) I would love to try it out one day since I didn't have the time to try it this time :)

That's all for Part 1 of Cameron Highlands! Stay tuned for Part 2 & Part 3!!

- Ruth


Pjoyz xXx June 1, 2008 at 12:11 AM  

I think u forget to try Buah Susu... Can found only in Cameron... hohohoho

sonitus aspicio peritus June 3, 2010 at 11:25 AM  

according to this website


the sea coconut you show above apparently is not the original. the sea coconut that has medicinal properties is the one they call coco de mer found in seychelles and the fruit is about 20 to 30 kg each. the ones sold here are from thailand or north and they are the fruit from the sugar palm tree. the shape of both fruit is also different.

ongzi January 11, 2012 at 1:53 PM  

the apple guava are actually peeled seeded guavas coated with sugar syrup and light green colouring....

tipu orang punya.

the sea coconut u see is actually a Borassus flabellifer.. another edible palm....

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