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Englebert's Farewell Dinner

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

It's sad to know that yet another person from our GT gang is leaving us :( Jo left last month cos she's getting married to a US citizen. This time, Englebert is leaving to pursue his hopes & dreams. *sigh* His last day is the coming Monday :( Soon, the GT gang will end up having less than 10 people *boohoohoo*

As a group of friends & colleagues, we decided to give him a farewell dinner at a steamboat cum bbq restaurant in Seri Kembangan (SK). This restaurant is also another well-hidden one, but apparently it's a very famous one in SK. Hmm... I guess, where there's good food, there'll always be a steady flow of patrons :)

This restaurant is without air-con (open air) & is named Hoi Tong Steamboat. Parking is quite difficult to find, but it's not too great an issue. It a buffet steamboat place, & the place offers not too bad a variety of food for BBQ-ing & steamboat :) Of course Yuen Steamboat at Sunway offers a wider range as it is more established in this business, but this one in SK is not too bad a choice if you're around the area :)

You can find the usual fish balls, meat balls, prawns, flower-crabs, chicken meat, pork, beef, lamb, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, & also dessert like ice cream (the chocolate one taste best!), fruits, & jelly. While waiting for the food to cook, there's also the pre-cooked food like noodles & chicken.

I guess the best part of this sort of dinner is the fellowship. It's just fun to be with a bunch of nice friends, having a meal together, cooking together a.k.a. 'main masak-masak', & chatting about every other thing under the sun ;) Steamboat isn't as fun, but the BBQ is :P

I just realized that all you need for the simple chicken fillet to taste yummilicious is marjerin! :P Placing the un-marinated chicken fillet on the banana leave with melted marjerin & slowly allowing it to cook as you turn it gives you a lip-smacking butter-chicken! *drools*

It's great to have Englebert around with us although we can't deny that he usually speaks less than 30 words a day *lol* It's our pleasure knowing him & having him as a colleague & part of our gang :)

Englebert, all of us from the gang wish you a great career ahead & many exciting challenges coming your way! May you persevere as you pursue your hopes & dreams! Don't forget us ya!!

What's cooking...?
Shiv & Toby 'cooking' together-gether :)

Boiling pot of goodies!

Over-cooked sotong balls: Tom Yam & 'Ching Thong' flavour
BBQ 'pineapple prawns' anyone?? :P
Englebert, Shiv, Ruth, & the rest of the gang having a light moment together ;)

Lian (poser :P ) & Mei
The gang :)
Lian trying to 'pick Englebert's head with her chopsticks' :P

If any of our dear readers just wanna have a dinner place for the food & fun, this place isn't too bad :) If you are in Petaling Jaya, Restaurant Talipon, opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station, offers the same style of steamboat/BBQ. Talipon's variety is similar, but if I recall correctly, they have more unique food-stuff :P

Hoi Tong Steamboat
Lot 12, Seri Kembangan Tambahan
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-8943 6580

- Ruth


Kee Vii Spicy Soup Restaurant

I finally got a taste of Kajang's signature dish, "Lat Tang" (Mandarin for Spicy Soup) at Kajang itself. I didn't know what Lat Tang is, how it tastes like, nor how it looks like. All along, I thought that it's like tom yam *lol* but no, it's far from that. It's actually claypot pepper soup with pork, intestines, & chicken, accompanied by Chinese celery/"kan choy" in Cantonese. I actually had this dish once with the my FTE buddies at Seri Kembangan :)

This place that we had lunch at is called Kee Vii Lat Tang Restaurant. It's well-hidden at a housing area in Sungai Chua, but it sure has a good number of patrons! Every table will definately order the Lat Tang, claypot chicken cooked with Chinese wine ('fa tiu jau' in Cantonese), & claypot 'three-layer pork' with salted fish ('ham yu fa lam pou' in Cantonese).

I was there with Rao, Alex, & Mei, & we ordered 3 dishes for 2 persons, which actually fed the 4 of us! The serving there is actually very appropriate with the number of people eating/table :) The taste was good; the price was very reasonable; the service is also good; you can add soup (that comes along with more meat!) for the Lat Tang for free!!

Here's what we had:

Lat Tang- RM15 for 2 servings

Claypot Chicken in Wine- RM7.50 for 2 servings

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves- RM6.00 for 1 serving

If you are around the area, do drop by this place for a nice, simple, & affordable meal :) Have fun hunting for food!! *wink*

Kee Vii Spicy Soup Restaurant
Plaza Indah 1
Taman Sepakat Indah
Sungai Chua
43000 Kajang
Tel: 03-8738 4134
Hp: 017-655 2222

- Ruth


Back from the East

>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thousand apologies to our dear readers for not updating this blog site *shame*

The past week has been a rather busy one for me (and I think for Anne as well!). In fact, it was pretty bad that I didn't get to clock into work for one week! *faints*

My grandpa passed away last Monday, so I took 3 days of compassionate leave. *sigh* He was the only grandpa whom I know & the only grandparent whom I am closest to. Now that he has left for a much better place, I find myself slacking in life & searching for the true meaning of life on earth. How could I live a fulfiling life on earth....?

After the funeral (Thursday), I actually left for the East Coast i.e. Kuantan in the evening. It was my initial plan to go there on Thursday morning, but I had to change my ticket to a later time...yeah, I went ahead with the initial plan although I am in the mourning period. My Kuantan family do not have any taboos/pantang about it & they're actually a great source of comfort to me. It's just that I will still shed a tear or two when I start to think of my grandpa, especially in the week where Easter is celebrated by Christians all over the world.

Being back in Kuantan means a few things dear to me:
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Food
  4. Fun - beach & kids

My first meal was dinner with my Tan family at Pantai Restaurant. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this place before, but this restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants found in Kuantan. Situated in Air Putih, this restaurant is hard to be missed as its signboard is large & there are many regular patrons flowing in & out of the restaurant for a delicious, affordable, & fast-service meal. The most famous dish there is the 'Assam Steam Fish'. *drools*

I basically slept half of my Day2 there...hahaha...I lacked sleep especially after all the wake services & funeral arrangements. That night, we had Pizza Hut, so there's nothing spectacular about it. I had my dose of Nasi Dagang for breakfast on my 3rd day there. I spent almost the entire Day 3 with the Ng family in Kuantan, my 2nd family there.

I joined the Tans for dinner at Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant , yet another famous Chinese restaurant. This restaurant is famous for their house-noodles ('jiu pai min'), Begger Chicken, Lala, & the list goes on... if you're around the Jalan Kubang Buaya area, do try this place out ;) Yeah, it's not in Alor Akar, but Kubang Buaya...strange, isn't it? Iwas confused when I found a restaurant with the same name having their own website, but I'm not sure if it's a different restaurant *sigh* That one is also called Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant, but at off Jalan Beserah :S So confusing. After researching a 'lil more thoroughly, I found out that it is the same restaurant we're talking about, & Jalan Kubang Buaya IS off Jalan Beserah *Malaysian road names....ergh*

I didn't get to walk on the beach this time around :( All I had was a glimpse of the sea & its gushing waves on Sunday morning. We celebrated Easter Sunday beside the beach, at the car park area, where we had Sunrise Service (starts at 6.30am). In Kuantan, they have a combined churches Sunrise Service, where all churches in Kuantan will gather as one & have a time of worship, songs, sharing, at Taman Gelora. It's actually a very interesting experience & so far, I have been attending Sunrise Service in Kuantan for the past 3 years! :)

I had to leave Kuantan for KL on Sunday afternoon :( So much for the food & fun. I guess I had a great time there with the family & friends :) I look forward to my next visit there...in June...for a friend's wedding! More food, adventure, & friendship stories will be brought to you soon!! Stay tuned ;)

p/s: I didn't take any photos as my camera was loaned to a friend for her trip to Hong Kong

- Ruth


Rao's Birthday at Gasoline Cafe

>> Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The name itself is very strange to me, to begin with, but the fun that I had yesterday night has clouded the 'strange-ness' of the cafe. The first look of the cafe wasn't extremely appealing as it looks kinda 'grunge' to me. Haha... I don't feel 'youthful' man... :P

The concept of this cafe is rather 'interesting'. It offers not only a wide variety of food, but almost 100 types of drinks, magazines, card games, board games, & whatever things that could keep people entertaining themselves with! Hahaha....some people would call it a 'funky' or 'cool' place to hang out ;)

The names of drinks available were also interesting :P I had a fruit smoothie called 'Love a Stranger', which is a combination of green apple, kiwi, & one more fruit. There are names like Capu-Capu, Virgin Honeymoon, Peace, & even cartoon names like Powerpuff Girls, Garfield, & Mickey Mouse! *lol*

Gasoline Cafe has several branches, so we went to the one in Seri Kembangan, near South City Plaza. The other one that I heard of is in Sungai Wang Plaza. This place is well-known for its Tom Yam Chicken, Grilled Chicken Chop, Tomato Fish & Chips, Black Pepper Beef Steak, Codon Blue,... & the list goes on. Prices range from RM6.90 - RM20.00 for a main course, & RM0.60 - RM 10.00 for drinks. There is also a range of appetizers & snacks to accompany your meal :)

Below are some pics that we took at the birthday celebration yesterday:

Love a Stranger fruit smoothie- RM6.00
Black Pepper Butter Fillet with Rice (comes with a soup)- RM6.90
Playing card games
Playing 'Stack Em'
All of us at the dinner

We look forward to more of such fun!!

Map to Gasoline Cafe

- Ruth


One Proud Moment

I'm dedicating this post to my beloved brother, Abi*. I'm really proud to have a friend/brother in him.

I owe his family a lot. While I was in uni in Kuantan, his family (Tans) & some other families (Chews, Ngs, Chan) were the ones who took me in as their own, gave me a place to stay during the weekends (and whenever I feel like heading to a home!), & guided me in my Christian walk :) Every now & then, I will have the 'I-miss-Kuantan' feeling, all because of them, not Kuantan town itself....

This bro has been through quite a bit & is now soaring as high as ever! *kudos* clap clap clap* dances around* He was sent to Luxembourg for a 2-months training under his company (name of company not disclosed for P & C reasons) & it's indeed an achievement to be proud of! He had to take several tests while under-going his training at his company...since he's very new there, & out of the many there, he was the only one who passed the final exam & the company decided to send him to Luxembourg for 2-months!! *woohoo*

He stays at a suite in a hotel, & goes for his training from morning til evening, after which I reckon he has time to go around Luxembourg himself :P Oh btw, Luxembourg is noted as one of the richest cities in the world & is famous for finance & adminitrative matters! *faints*

Here are some pics that he shared with me, & that I would wanna share it with our dear readers :)

Luxembourg at night

Luxembourg in the morning

Around the hotel (taken from the suite)

In the suite

I hope that he'll have an enriching time of learning & have loads of fun while he's there!

- Ruth


Baby Seafood Restaurant

Yeah! I'm serious when I put that title for the post! The name of the restaurant is REALLY 'Baby Seafood Restaurant'!

This restaurant is situated near the North Port in Klang, & is famous for their Assam Fish over a charcoal stove! The shape of the 'stove' is also a fish!! *interesting!* More often than not, this place is packed during meal times & you may have to wait to get your food served! The price range is pretty reasonable & the ambience is like the usual Chinese Restaurants with air condition.

My family was actually here last Sunday to celebrate my dad's birthday (a few days earlier than the actual date as I won't be home during the weekdays to celebrate with him). The actual day is today!!


Here's what we had that night:

The famous Assam Fish on Charcoal 'Stove'. It is slightly spicy & sour, similar to Tom Yam/ Teochew style. The fish is cooked in 'broth' containing assam skin, preserved veggie, pickled shallots, dry chilli, chilli, & ginger (RM30.00)

Marmite Pork Ribs. Somehow the taste of this dish reminds me of the 'bah kua' (BBQ pork slices)...yummy... (RM15.00)

Yam Basket with Mixed Veg & Meat ('Fatt Put'). Today's yam is slightly too starchy, but the overall presentation & taste isn't too bad, though nothing spectacular :) (RM 12.00)

Thai-style Beancurd. I actually feel that this dish is one of the best among the dishes that we ordered for the night! The 'tau fu' (beancurd) is soft on the inside & slightly crispy on its outside skin, which gives it a VERY 'fun' taste :P The Thai-style sauce & all the veggie goes very well with the dish too! (RM8.00)

If you happen to be in Klang, this could be a place to stop by for a meal :)

186A Jalan Sungai Putus,
Batu Belah,
41050 Klang
Telephone: 019 213 5807
Opens from: 12 to 2.30 pm and 6pm to 10.30pm

- Ruth


The Mom's Overture

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

Here's something hilarious that a friend sent to me & I thought I'll just share it with our readers for fun :P (if you haven't watched it before) Enjoy!

- Ruth


Suprise! Suprise!

>> Friday, March 7, 2008

Hehe..I hope Ruth will be excited to see yet another new look for this site. I just started experimenting around with blogspot's template. Thats why this design looks a bit plain :P Not very satisfied with this design duh..still have a lot more to learn. I'll try my best to come up with a better one when I've time ya..Stay tuned! :D



Bun Thit Nuong & Lahmacun

Bun Thit Nuong- a rice vermicelli (mee hoon) dish served with grilled pork & LOADS of vegetables! It comes with chopped peanuts & a special sauce called Nước chấm.

One has to pour the sauce over the dish & mix the 'ingredients' together before savouring it :P The experience of mixing is SO alike tossing the 'yee sang' during Chinese New Year! The only things different were the ingredients & that the person eating is the only one tossing the ingredients together...teehee :D

Quite a delicious & healthy meal of Bun Thit Nuong. It's cheap too!! RM5.90 for a very good portion!

I had this for dinner yesterday night at the Asia Cafe in Subang. Asia Cafe is quite a famous place for their variety of food & their cyber cafe/pool centre too. It's quite a good place to hang out for a meal & a good catch up since it's like an open-air sort of 'food court' & there are so many seats available that no one will 'shoo' you away if you sit there through the entire day :P

This place is thronged with people, mostly students, as it is situated directly opposite Taylor's College & Inti College in Subang Jaya (Metropolitan College is nearby too!) :) I reckon there are at least 80-100 stalls at that place, offering various style of food, from the usual Chinese food, to Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indian, Western, etc... choice of food is excellent, but the taste, of course is not as excellent :P Teehee...

I had a good time at yesterday's dinner though :) It was one of those rare times when Anne & I met up with 3 of our close uni friends for a meal together. It's been all too long since we had such a time...almost 2 months, if I'm not mistaken. Our last meet up was during the Shabu-Shabu dinner at Puchong Puteri!

I guess I'm 'going east'! Yesterday night, I had Vietnamese food for dinner, & for lunch today, I had Turkish (Istanbul) food!! :D The food that I had this afternoon is called the Lahmacun. The one that I had was Lahmacun with cheese :P

Lahmacun- Turkish 'pizza': specially made bread (pita) topped with minced chicken, onions, vegetables, & herbs, baked to perfection ;) RM4.00
I couldn't really remember its name & was guessing between 'Labahmun' & 'Lamahbun', but of course, none of my 2 guesses were correct....hahaha....thanks to Google, I found out the exact name of the dish! *lol* I made sure that I remember the name of the 'pizza' that I ate this afternoon, but I guess it digested along with the Lahmacun itself! *rofl*

Teehee...well, there were actually 6 of us GTs who went to MMU for lunch! *lol* It's not as if the food there is better than elsewhere, but it's just that Mei wanted to get something done at MMU itself, so we just landed up at one of their canteens for lunch :) Just imagine this... there were 6 of us (2 tall guys & 4 medium-size girls!), & we traveled 8 mins from our office to MMU in a KANCIL!! *lol* I wouldn't want to do it again... :S

This Lahmacun that I had was from a stall in one of the MMU canteens :P It is actually quite tasty ;) The crust is not very thin, but thin in a way; it's crispy at the corners & at certain parts soft. Cheese just went well with it, making it very alike the usual Italian pizzas that we have :) I kinda like it & look forward to try out more Turkish food from authentic Turkish restaurants! :D

Ah, these are the joyous times ;) Work, work, work, meeting, meeting, meeting,... hang-outs like these are the best to keep me going somehow... :D

*Lahmacun picture taken from Google

- Ruth


Trip to Sitiawan, Day 2

>> Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The first thing that we had upon waking up etc was breakfast :P Breakfast was at a coffeeshop at Simpang Empat, Sitiawan. I've no idea what's the name of the coffeeshop (again), but it's a corner shop :S

Dim Sum at a coffee shop in Simpang Empat

After breakfast, we left for church, which was nearby. We didn't get to do much after church as we had to leave for KL to arrive at KL before 5pm. "Goodbye Sitiawan...will be back again!!"

The journey back to PJ... love the clouds & the sight of paddy fields along the way

On our way back, we stopped at Bidor for lunch. The one place that most people will go for a meal would be the corner coffeeshop that serves herbal duck noodles (another corner coffeeshop at the mani road in Bidor), so we headed there :)

Herbal soup duck noodles at Bidor

The committee sure looks forward to our next road trip :) It's more food, fun, & adventure!!

- Ruth


Trip to Sitiawan, Day 1

Last weekend, 4 of us from the TRAC MYF commitee (James, Chris, Samantha, myself) went up to Sitiawan for a visitation to the Sitiawan Wesley youths. It was a very short trip, but a totally fulfilling one. Frankly speaking, this was one of the weekends that I really looked forward to & I've indeed gained a lot from the weekend! Of course, aside from the main agenda of visiting Sitiawan Wesley, we also took the opportunity to do some bonding & food hunting! :P

We stayed over at James' house & had a great time of rest, relax, & good food as well! :D His family prepared lunch for us, so we had our first home-cooked meal in Sitiawan, which is one of the dishes that I was looking forward to have- Mee Suah in Red Rice Wine! *yums* (Lawrence, wish you were here with us!!!)

Home-Cooked Mee Suah with Chicken & Ginger in Red Rice Wine

Lunch was really filling, but as usual, Malaysians in general love over-eating. Call it gluttony! *ergh* James recommended the Rojak Manjung, which is one of the most famous & best rojaks in Sitiawan.

Rojak Manjung, one of the best (if not the best!) rojaks in Sitiawan

James picking the items that he wants in the rojak (yeah, you can choose what you want to be included in your rojak dish! :P )
Our rojak!

The sauce is a separate 'entity' from the rojak. Apparently, pouring the sauce over the fried items will ruin the authenticity of the rojak's taste!
This rojak is SO famous that it came out in the Flavours magazine last year!

At night, we had dinner with James' family & had a really good meal & fellowship as well. This place where we ate is apparently one of the best around the area as well :P I've no idea how to get to this restaurant as they were weaving through the housing areas to get to this place. Hahaha...

Dinner at Villa Seafood Restaurant. I've no idea where it is, but it's on the same stretch as the load of seafood restaurants in Sitiawan :P

Okay, this pic is quite badly taken. Before I could take a proper photo of the food, the food was half-gone already :S Crayfish in 'Kung Poh' style & stir fried 'Yau Mak' veggie

Fried Chicken (marinated in red preserved beancurd), fried noodle, & fried egg with oysters ('Hor Chien'). This is the BEST 'Hor Chien' I've ever had!! The batter is SOOO yummiliciously different!

Delicious assam style sting ray

Assam squid rings served on a sizzling hot plate

Black pepper crabs (excellent black pepper sauce!)

After dinner, later in the night, we went over to the Lumut Jetty area to have ice kacang & just a time to chat & bond with each other :) (Lawrence, we wish you were here!!)

Ice kacang at Lumut's Jetty area

After a short walk, we went back to the house to end the night. Day 1 was goooood :) Day 2's post coming through!!

- Ruth

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