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1st Anniversary of PerutBesi's blog site!

>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hurrah!! It's almost one year since this blog kicked off into action :) Tomorrow will mark the 1st anniversary of 'The Ruthless Eaters' blog site.

We'll be celebrating our blog's 1st anniversary with some delicious food, adventure, & friendship (as what our catch phrase is). At present, we are still planning on where & what to eat, but we'll surely not miss this opportunity to celebrate this joyous occassion with some of our good friends!

This 1st anniversary also marks the migration of our blog site. We've decided to move this blog to Blogger for its dynamic features :D (won't be updating at our Wordpress site) This blog site will officially operate here effective 31st January 2008. Do stay tuned with us at: perutbesi.blogspot.com!!

We hope to bring you more food, adventure, & friendship items in the near future!! Cheers!


- Ruth & Anne


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