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PerutBesi in Singapore

>> Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was in Singapore from the 14th-16th of Sept, just last weekend. The trip was a very fulfilling one, & I indeed had an awesome time there. Didn't spend much, really- thanks to friends working in Spore who gave myself treat after treats! :P

I was actually there for a 'mission'- to give a surprise birthday bash to my best friend, Gloria. Her bf was the one who thought of this plan & asked if I was interested to be a part of it :D Definitely!

To cut things short:

I arrived in Spore on Friday night around 11.30pm, & YH picked me up from the bus terminal before heading to his house for a night's rest. So, I was 'hiding' in his house all along, without the knowledge of Gloria. Wakaka. To get ourselves into her house, he purposely left his MP3 in her house the night before & asked for her house keys the next day to retrieve it. When we got the key, we duplicated it & I was in her house half the afternoon on Saturday to decorate the place & set up the surprise. :D

At 6pm,PA & RY arrived at Gloria's house & waited til she came home. YH went to pick her up from church & he sent a 'signal' to me when they were downstairs. Coolness. We got the cake ready, turned off all the lights & fan, & stood still, with PA holding the cake. Haha...very funny. :lol:

When Gloria opened the door, we started singing "Happy Birthday" & she screamed, standing still at the door. She screamed not once, but TWICE! #1. she thought her house was broken into, #2. she saw that it was me, PA, & RY, 3 church friends of her's back in Msia! *rofl* I laughed so much til I can't sing the song properly d. :P

Anyways, we had the delicious chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo, & headed to The Villa'ge for dinner.

The chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo Cake House, a very famous Singaporean brand:

The Villa'ge (Orchard Road) is something like Marche's. The concept is the same, just that the name's different. The place is like a market with many stall selling food, & diners are given a card with a bar code to be scanned, each time we order any food from any stall. At the end of the meal, all the cards will be presented at the cashier & the cashier will scan from the bar code the amount to be paid. There were 5 of us for the dinner & we sure had a lot of food & a lot of fun as well! Food was good, fellowship better, & ambiance, great!

The Villa’ge:



Rosti withsunny-side-up egg & cheese pork sausage:

What we had for dinner (clockwise)- rosti, fried dory fish fillet & potato wedges, deep fried squid rings, deep fried soft shell crabs, Caesar salad, & pizza (not in pic):

My drink- kiwi + cucumber + apple (good for skin):

Crepe with chocolate ice cream & banana slices:

The gang:

After The Villa'ge, we went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at the Esplanade :D Glorious chocolate! This is like a chocolate cafe (like Starbucks), & they serve EVERYTHING chocolate! Yummilicious! The price is also like the usual coffee cafes, dollar to dollar, in SGD. Worth going there once in a while. Really. Excellent choc delights!

Here’s what we had:

The café/ bar:


The menu:

Chocolate fondue:


1. Let the chocolate melt nicely
2. Pick up a piece of fruit or marshmallow with the special ‘fork’
3. Dip the fruit/marshmallow in the chocolate
4. Enjoy it bit by bit!

Dark chocolate suckao:


1. Pick up the chocolate pellets with the special spoon cum straw
2. Pour in some milk to make the chocolate melt faster & smoother
3. Stir the concoction & allow the chocolate to melt to perfection
4. Either suck the choco or eat it with the spoon! *yums*

Hot dark chocolate with orchid oil in a hug mug:

1. Hold the cup with both hands like you’re hugging it
2. Slowly sip the chocolate & enjoy the aromatic orchid oil

Dripping milk chocolate from the marshmallow:

All for the photo:

At the Esplanade/ Merlion:

By the time we arrived home, it was past midnight already. All of us were very tired, but no doubt, we had a lot of fun & enjoyed each other’s company! Although my trip to Singapore was a very short one (I left for KL at 2.30pm the next day), I felt that it was a worth-while trip ;) Oh yeah, before I left Singapore, I had lunch at this Japanese restaurant in Novena Square. The food isn’t too bad (can’t recall the name of the restaurant though).

Fried prawns with mayonnaise:

Pai Ku Ramen:

Ajishou Ramen (I think that’s the name):

- Ruth


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