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Single Awareness Day (SAD)

>> Thursday, February 15, 2007

At 6.30am this morning, I was listening to Hitz FM, when I heard this really amusing statement, "Welcome to Hitz FM. Today is Single Awareness Day...Happy SAD day!" It tickled me mad!

I have NEVER thought of such a thing! Oh boy, those people sure have a way of changing things around! Hahahaha...

It must be that people these days are finding it difficult to live alone, or to just celebrate singlehood ;) Currently, I am enjoying the pleasure of being single; there's freedom to go anywhere, do anything, & just go kacau anyone for the matter of fact!


I am currently sitting in Coffeebean at Bangsar Shopping Complex. It's been 2 hours since I was here. I picked up Q for an interview & sent her to the company. So, while waiting for her, I decided to hang around at this cool, leisure-like place, which offers me FREE Wifi service for no time limit! Q went to sit for an aptitude test, by the way, so that's why it took more than half an hour :P I wouldn't come to such a place if not for the free ice-blended coffee coupon that I have...hahaha... having a cup of free ice-blended, with free internet connection (although not very smooth, but good enough) is perfect! Air-conditioned some more... walauwey...best!


I'm just sitting in front of the laptop, typing away...doesn't look as if there are many couples hanging around together! LOL. People still have to work la huh? But I saw bouquets of flowers in front of a flower shop lining up to be delivered just now (on the way to Coffeebean) :) Interesting.

So, it's Single Awareness Day (SAD)...haha... how SAD are you? I'm not ;) I'm stil happy. Just give Miss Wong a cup of free ice-blended, free Wifi connection, & some friends to chat with online, & she'll be a 'Happy Bunny'... hahaha..


- Ruth


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