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How do you define love?

>> Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is love confined to a day? Is love just a mere ‘feeling’? Today is Valentine’s Day, & for the general public, it is a ‘special’ day to remember those whom we love. The ultimate million dollar question is, “Is the expression of love confined to just a day? If the answer is no, then why is there such a big hoo-ha about this occasion?” I am not against love, no, no, not at all! I am just being rationale as to how love is define...My, my, St. Valentine from Rome, the person behind the idea of Valentine’s Day (he died on February 14, 269 A.D), must have ‘lived’ on VERY proud that his name is widely used, & perhaps over-used through the centuries! Sadly, not many people are aware of who started this idea of Valentine’s Day, and how it actually started. I believe that the only few people who are overjoyed with this ‘special occasion’ would be the florists, gift shop owners, and restaurants! Who wouldn’t? One of my little dreams is to be a special- occasions florist *lol*

I would love to go around selling flowers at extravagant prices and looking at the in-love faces as they fork out cash for way overpriced stalks of flowers. During ‘normal’ days, a stalk of rose may just cost around RM 1.50, especially if you purchase them from the wet market; a bouquet may cost just RM 30.00! I bought them before for a friend’s graduation, & that lovely bouquet costs just RM 30.00. Besides, those are lilies, mind you. How much does a STALK of flower costs on Vday? A carnation may cost RM 10, a rose, maybe RM15 or more, and lilies…er…no point thinking since it would cost even more! If we want to talk about bouquets, be prepared with at least RM 100 for a miserly-looking bouquet. Unless you want to pick your own flowers from your garden (and we are not living in a tropical country or a country with 4-seasons!), get ready with at least RM 200. Haha…

People may deem me as sarcastic, evil, or even business-minded. Teehee… I am pretty far from that. Well, maybe sarcastic ;) I don’t see the point of over-spending for a single occasion! It is just that ONE day. I believe that prices of equally delicious & well-presented food, pretty flowers, and eye-catching gifts, would cost way less on the 13th or 15th of February! You may be surprised to find those things that you’ve purchased half the price that you paid for on 14th February! :D

You can call people of my category sadistic, stingy, or even unromantic. I wouldn’t care- I look on wisdom as of greater importance. I love gifts, food, & flowers no less, but spending the cash right would go a LONG way! ;)

One thing that every romantic man or woman could do is to perhaps set their own ‘Valentine’s Day’ instead of following the majority! Now, that is what I call ‘special’ :P No need to pay through the nose, still have a lot of fun (maybe even more since your cash could stretch further), & stay as romantic/loving as everyone else :) Oh, no need to book a place in advance, or pack like sardines with the rest of the country into a famous (or infamous) restaurant! If you need space & privacy to enjoy a nice meal & chat, *sigh* pick another ‘special’ day of your own ;)


- Ruth


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