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A day at Berkelah

>> Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We are back! :) First of all we would like to apologise for being idle for the past few weeks. It has been a trully hectic week for us. Despite the sleepless nights and mountain high works, we managed to get some time off for a short but memorable getaway with our coursemates. We were introduced to a place called 'Hutan Lipur Berkelah'. A scenic picnic place, which is just 30 minutes from our uni.

What they have there

Berkelah Waterfall

Closer View

Friend in action

Group photo
With coursemates at the top of Berkelah Waterfall

Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak from Warung Keluarga

How to get there?

Warung Keluarga is situated in the small town of Gambang. It offers a variety of Malay food for breakfast and lunch. Their nasi lemak is just so-so. However, a friend mentioned that their Nasi Dagang is worth trying out :)

-Anne & Ruth


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