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CNY home-cooked dishes

>> Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Througout the entire week of our CNY break, the one thing that anyone (for the matter of fact) can do AND will do is E.A.T!

There is no doubt that people will find most Chinese looking more 'prosperous' than before ;) One could not help but be flabbergastered by the amount of food and the variety available during this auspicious festival :P *yums*

My family had our 'king spread' as well. I've been eating SO much that sometimes just the look of food causes my stomach to churn!

The 1st day of CNY 2007 was celebrated in tradition. For my family, the first day will usually begin with Jai Choy (a vegetarian dish- a wholesome one), which I always look forward to :)


In this dish, there are around 15 types of ingredients in this wholesome dish!

1. Button mushroom
2. Black mushroom
3. Straw mushroom
4. Golden mushroom
5. Fu-chok (beancurd sheet)
6. Tim fu-chok (sweet beancurd sheet)
7. Pak choy (Chinese cabbage)
8. Fun-si (Glass noodles)
9. Pak guo (Gingko)
10. Wan yu (Thin black fungus)
11. Fatt-choy (Hair moss)
12. Tau-pok (Deep-fried beancurd)
13. Min-kan
14. Red chilli
15. Fu-yue (Preserved beancurd)

Amazing eh? This is the Wong family's vegetarian dish ;)

Besides that, during the 1st day of CNY, my family also practice the 'tea ceremony'. In this ceremony, every family member will serve their elders a cup of tea & say well-wishes as the elder drinks. It is a tradition as a sign of respect to our elders.



Every year, there'll be trays of cookies & assortment laid out on the table for guests & family members to indulge in. This year, we had something different- preserved fruits/veggie.



In the tray above, there're dried carrots, pineapples, gourd, nuts, lily roots (lin ngau), coconut, and i dunno whats ;) All are coated with sugar powder/ icing.

CNY is also a time to bring out one's creativity. This year, we had some piggies and mini mandarin oranges as display. It's the year of the Boar!


My uncle bought those piggies from the SS2 market- from those China-chinese traders. It costs RM5/ piggy. He got all the colours available :)


CNY Day 2 Delight
This is the one dish that should not be missed in day 2 during the 'hoi nin' (open year).


We call it the 'Choy Kiok' (also known as 'chap sui', 'lap chap choy', syuen choy'...etc).

This dish is basically every other thing that is left over from the first day's dishes. However, we add 'kai choy' (a type of vegie) into the dish to give it a kick of taste! This dish can also be cooked on purpose (don't need to wait 'til there's left overs to cook it).

Mainly, the dish wil contain:

  1. Kai choy

  2. Siew qu sau (roast pig knuckle)

  3. Roast duck

  4. Fried chicken feet

  5. Char yoke (fried pork marinated with preserved beancurd)

  6. Black chinese mushroom

  7. Asam skin

  8. Dried chilli

  9. Tomato & chilli sauce...etc

We also had other types of dishes on the 2nd day of CNY for brunch. Below are all only some of the exciting dishes that we had:

Lai yau har (Butter prawns)


Lap-ngap (Waxed Duck)


Chi ku fried with siew yoke & kan choy


Fried lap cheong (Chinese pork sausages) drizzled with dark black sauce


- Ruth


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