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Why we love Malaysia! ;)

>> Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The weekend was good :) Met up with Anne for the International Beauty Expo in the KL Convention Center. We only managed to spend half the afternoon together as I had another appointment later in the evening. The expo wasn't a big hoo-ha as we expected it to be. It's only the name that says it is international, but somehow there wasn't anything that was really appealing to us.

The expo was held from the 21st-24th June 2007 at the KL Convention Center. Each visitor gets a goody bag upon registering, but other than that, there wasn't much of freebies or samples to make a girl squeal for delight.

Nevertheless, it was great meeting up again & we had a late lunch with some other friends at the KLCC Pizza Hut. There were about 7 of us, a mixture of guys and girls. I was quite excited as the range in the KLCC Pizza Hut is slightly different compared to the other Pizza Hut outlets that I've been to. More on the Pizza Hut post will be up tomorrow! ;)

Today started off pretty 'excitingly'. Miss Wong's definition of 'exciting' varies from north to south :P

I learnt more about Malaysia today. I reckon, taking the bus & train to work really opens your eyes (and all your senses too!!) *giggles*

Lesson #1
It's good to be taller than the average, especially if you're a frequent bus/train traveler. Why? Cos it's usually jammed packed in public transportations! If you're taller than the rest, you'll stand a chance to survive. There'll be some space for you to breathe (up there) while those who are sadly not-so-tall gasp for air amongst the many bodies, armpits, and chests *totally eeeuwy!*

Jam-packed LRT:

jam packed

Lesson #2
Malaysians truly stand firm on the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit! I'm quite proud of that fact ;) (erm...i can't be too happy 'bout it all the time...hahaha) The Light Rail Transit (LRT) is pretty much the most efficient mode of public transportation to get from Petaling Jaya to Kuala Lumpur. It takes about 4 minutes during peak hours to hop onto a train as compared to 15 min to get onto a bus.

The LRT when it is not jam-packed:


However, every 'efficient' things would come with a price to pay! The train is already TERRIBLY PACKED (as in body to body!!) and at every stop, people can still push their way through every teenie-weenie space that's available. For a person who is about 28 inches waist line to get into a 30 cm space (just giving a scenario comparison. it is not meant not mock anyone's size or anything like that) among the many people, WHOA, incredibly a "Malaysia Boleh" event!!

Lesson #3
Oh yeah. Never sit in the bus & have someone WAY tall standing in front of you with his/her back facing you. I witnessed something which tickled my funny-bone this morning while I was on the Rapid KL bus to work. The bus took quite a lot of passengers at the time when I was on it...around 8.20 a.m.

There was this lady who wanted to get down the bus. She stood up (behind the tall man) and said,"Excuse me.", but the man didn't even move an inch. She said it again, but I guess her soft voices couldn't cause enough sound vibration/waves to travel to his ear. *lol* By that time, I was already quite amused at the scene. Yes yes, I get easily amused alright. I guess she didn't dare to touch that tall guy, but she had to in the end. Hahaha. She tapped his shoulder softly & said "Excuse me" for the 3rd time, & yeah, he finally moved. *rofl* It was quite funny. Everyone in the bus was watching. That blur tall guy didn't even move an inch & I reckon he couldn't even hear anyone speaking to him! I wonder if he had his ears plugged up or it's just that he's too tall!! Heeheeheeheehee...

The Rapid KL bus when it's vacant:

rapid kl

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- Ruth


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