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3 more lessons learnt

>> Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This will be a short self-explainable post on the experience on the Rapid KL Bus & the LRT:

  1. Never bother sitting down in the LRT during peak hours. You'll end up having your face extremely near to someone's backside (either front or back!!) & it's just too dangerous to have your face right in front of someone's behind. You may just end up having to smell something 'fresh from the oven!' or just have an unsightly picture to stare at throughout your journey on the bus/train. ("Excuse me, can you pls get your ***/**** off my face??")

  2. The Ambi Pur fragrance is widely available in the public transportations.We just don't call it Ambi Pur; we call it Armpit Pure! :P *eeuuww*

  3. Don't stand face to face with anyone when you're on a public transport. One of the first smells you may get to experience in the bus/ LRT is the smell of 'morning breath' when people yawn without closing their mouth!! *faints*
This post is a lightbulb moment from my sister as she experienced all 3 of the above yesterday! *rofl* I laughed 'til I couldn't concentrate on driving while on the way to pick my dad from work! *lol* You just need a little imagination & a comical voice (like my sister's) to make everything sound laughable ;) Oh yeah, this post is not meant to mock anyone; it's just for laughs :P

- Ruth


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