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Final Dinner as 3BCS

>> Saturday, May 5, 2007

A thousand apologies for the delay in pictures & information... I've been very much occupied with debates & whatever not...leaving tomorrow for the competition, but I'll just keep all our faithful readers up to date of the happenings :)

We had a dinner on the last day of our course (25 April 2007)...oh yeah, I noticed that this post is half a month late! Anyways...the dinner was at Ikan Bakar Kak Long, Tanjung Lumpur. Twenty of us went for that dinner...last minute 10 guys showed up! If not, we'll just have 10 of us going out for dinner together. Due to the 'change of plans', we waited for ONE hour plus for the guys to get ready!! Sometimes, we girls wonder if guys actually need more time to do their 'make-up' or girls are the ones who need the time. *sigh*

Here's what we had:

ikan bakar kak long
- Ikan bakar

pari bakar kak long
- Pari bakar kak long

fried squid at kak long’s
- Fried squid

lala kak long
- Stir-fried Lala

tom yam kak long
- Tom yam

alll for the photo
- All for the photo

Perutbesi bloggers
- The Perutbesi bloggers ;)

We hope that all those who went for the dinner had a good time :) The Perutbesians had a wonderful time with all who went :P We hope to meet every 3BCSians in the near future for at least a cup of coffee ;)

This site will continue it's operation (perhaps a little slower as we start work :D ) as long as we are able! Til the next post, take care, everyone!!

- Ruth & Anne

p/s: Those who want the photos of the dinner, pls email annekhor.hc@gmail.com or ruthwongsy@yahoo.com. We'll do our best to email it to u.


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